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Growth of Western Civilization

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The Gods Will Have Blood

Selective characters: Gamelin, Brotteaux, Elodie, Father Longuemare, Rochemaure, Athénaïs

  1. How has the Revolution affected class relations? Art?
  2. Explain how the chief characters were affected by the Revolution.
  3. What is the significance of Orestes to Gamelin?
  4. Describe Anatole France's general assessment of the Revolution.
  5. What are the dangers of revolution?


Fathers and Sons

Selective characters: Nikolai and Pavel Kirsanov, Arkady Kirsanov, Bazarov, Piotr, Fenichka, Mme. Kukshin (Yevdoxia), Sitnikov, Mme. Odintsov, Katya

  1. Read I. Berlin's introductory essay. Read it again after you complete the novel.
  2. Describe the intellectual climate of Russia during the writing of Fathers and Sons.
  3. List examples of a "generation gap," i.e., lack of communication between the older and younger generations. Examine, for example, their clothing, discourse (speech), and general manners. Do they share any values?
  4. Is there a conflict between Westerners and Slavophiles in the novel?
  5. Are there indications in the novel which suggest the potential of radical or violent change in Russian society?
  6. Why is Bazarov so important in this novel? Do you like him?



Selective characters: Emil Sinclair, Max Demian, Kromer, Beatrice, Pistorius, Eva

  1. What are the challenges that Emil faces as he matures? How does he handle them?
  2. What are the influences of Nietzsche and Freud in this work?
  3. Is Max a "superman?"
  4. What is the symbolism of Eva?
  5. What does Emil learn about himself?


Man's Search for Meaning

  1. Recount Frankl's experiences in the Nazi camps. How does he survive?
  2. Describe how he searches for meaning while imprisoned in concentration camps.
  3. What is meant by logotherapy?
  4. How does Frankl correlate psychotherapy to philosophy?



Selective names/terms: Winston Smith, Julia, O'Brien, Big Brother, Syme, Goldstein, telescreen, newspeak, doublethink, proles, versificator

  1. What is the geopolitical situation in 1984?
  2. What is the role of the individual?
  3. How important is technology? What is the relationship between technology and the individual?
  4. Describe the importance of history in 1984.
  5. Compare and contrast contemporary conditions to those in 1984. Is 1984 here? Has it passed? Is it coming?
  6. Optional: Compare 1984 to Utopia.

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