J196: Working On The World Wide Web


Journalism 196 is a project oriented course in which students learn the elements of designing a web site and building pages which apply design and editing principles. The course covers the basic elements of design as they apply to web pages and the basic considerations which guide construction of a web site.

Students construct and develop personal web sites with tables, frames, style sheets, animation, sound, and video. Along the way, they study the legal aspects of web publishing, writing for web sites, security, interviewing clients, and site mapping.

Working in teams, the students create, refresh, or expand web pages for Milwaukee area clients. The team's efforts are evaluated by the clients in a formal presentation of the site project on the last day of class. Almost every previous web site project remains in use, though most have been revamped and revised since the J196 team delivered the final version.

Past class efforts can be found in the members section of the '97 and '98 classes. The current projects will not be posted until the clients review and approve them for public viewing.