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You are responsible for keeping up with the textbook reading.  From time to time I will, in class, provide additional instructions about what sections to emphasize (for instance, if we are running behind).  You will be responsible for information from the textbook on the exams. 


You will write five summaries covering material presented in class and in the textbook for the previous week.   You will organize those summaries into five paragraphs, each explaining a major idea, concept, or event from the period covered by the lectures/textbook chapters.   Each paragraph should be roughly 100 words; the papers will be graded based on your choices and the examples you use to support them. Send them as emails to me at no later than 8:00 AM on the date they are due. 


FRANKLIN/DOUGLASS PAPER (1000 words: single space, front and back, stapled)

This paper asks you examine the “art” of autobiography by answering the following questions about both books: 1) Who is the audience or audiences for the book? 2) What is the single most important theme of each book? 3) What is the most important idea that you as a student took from the books that you have not learned in this or any other history class?  Although you may use the introductions for background information, draw mainly on the autobiographies themselves for evidence for your papers.