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(Approximate page numbers for Huck’s Raft in parentheses)

January    14         Introduction and Administrative Details

                             Instant Museum Exercise         

                16         It Takes A Village: Childhood Across Cultures

                21-3     Childhoods in Colonial America (1-74)

                             Images of Children

                             Anti-Slavery Alphabet (Sample show and tell)

                28-30    Enlightenment Theories of Childhood (75-93)

February  4-6        Young Republicans: Childhood in the Early Republic

                11-13    Stolen Childhood: Slavery (94-117)

                              A Day in the Life Paper: 1870 (13th)

                 18         Children's Civil War (118-132)

                 20         Growing Up With the Country: Children in the West

                 25         NO CLASS

                 27         FIRST EXAM

March       4-6        Orphans and Indians: "Redeeming" Children

                 18          Children of the Open Door (200-212)

                 20          Abandoned/Great Arizona Orphan Abduction

                               Paper Due; Discussion

                 25          Children at Work (133-153)

                 27/3       Children and Government; More Children and Government(154-199, 254-274)

                               A Day in the Life Paper: 1910 (April 3)                             

  April        8             The Child Welfare Exhibit Then: “No Beer for Babies”

                  10-15     Booming Babies: The 1950s and 1960s (275-371) 

                                A Day in the Life Paper: 1950 (15th)

                  17          NO CLASS

                  22          Counter Culture/Alphabet Generations 

                  24          The Child Welfare Exhibit Now: Presentations

                  29          The Child Welfare Exhibit Now: Presentations

                                 Papers Due

May           1             Final Thoughts (372-386)


FINAL EXAMINATION: Tuesday, May 6, 1-3 PM.