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I) The Sectional Conflict, 1832-1860             


August                 29          Introduction and Course Information

                                          Introduction to the Sectional Conflict

                            31          Slavery as a Fact of Life

September           5            Introduction to Thomas DuVal’s Journey

                                          A Visit from the Digital Scholarship Lab

                            7            Slavery as a Constitutional and Economic Issue 

                            12          Liberators: Abolitionism

                                          Discussion of Walter Johnson, Soul by Soul

                                          Paper Due

                            14          An Empire for Slavery?: Expansion and Conflict

                            19          The Rise of Southern Nationalism/ Rise of the Republican Party

                            21          And the War Came


II) A House Divided Goes to War

                            26          Group meetings

                            28          Mobilization and Military Overview

October               3            Mobilization and Military Overview II

                            5            The Soldiers' War

Discussion of videos at

                            10          The African Americans' War

                            12          Turning Points of the Civil War

                                          Total War

                            17          No Class: Group Meetings with Dr. Marten

Midterm Take Home Due (send to me via email no later than 5 PM)

                            19          Midterm Break: No Class

                            24          Home Front Politics and Dissent  

                            26          Discussion of Judith Giesberg, Army at Home

                                          Paper Due

                            31          Global Contexts

November            2            Endings: Surrender and Assassination

                                          Second Inaugural Address


III) Swords into Plowshares: Reconstruction

                            7            Victors and Vanquished: Introduction to Reconstruction

                            9            No Class

                            14          Reconstruction: Politics

                            16          Reconstruction: Race

                                          Birth of a Nation with Commentary

                                          Birth of a Nation, full

                            21          Discussion of Horwitz, Confederates in the Attic

                                          Paper Due

                            23          No Class

                            28          Catch-Up/Work Day

                            30          Group Presentations

                                          Thomas DuVal's Journey

December            5            Group Presentations

                                          Papers due

                            7            Legacies


Final Exam: Friday, December 15, 3:30-5:30


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