Professor and Chair

Department of History

Marquette University

President, 2008-2012

Society of Civil War Historians


President, 2013-2015

Founding Secretary-Treasurer, 2001-2011

Society for the History of Children and Youth




              PhD, History, University of Texas at Austin, l986

                            Teaching Assistant, 1982-1985, Summer 1986

                            Texas Dissertation Fellowship, l985-l986

                            Dora Bonham Grant, l985

                            Colonial Dames Fellowship, l984

                            Clara Driscoll Fellowship, l983


              MA, History, University of South Dakota, l98l

                            Teaching Assistant, 1980-1981

                            Phi Alpha Theta, 1981


              BS, History, With High Honor, South Dakota State University, l978

                            Outstanding History Student, 1978

                            F. O. Butler Scholarship, l975-l977



              Marquette University 

                            2000-Present, Professor

                                          Department Chair, 2005-Present

                                          Acting Department Chair, 2004-2005

                                          Founder and Director, Frank L. Klement Lectures, 1991-2004

                                          Director of Graduate Studies, History, 1993-1994, 1999-2005

                            1992-2000, Associate Professor

                            1986-1992, Assistant Professor


              Northeast Normal University, Changchun, People’s Republic of China

                            J. William Fulbright Lecturer, Institute of American Studies, Spring 1999


              University of Texas at Austin, l984-l985, Assistant Instructor.


              Woodbine (Iowa) High School, l978-l980, Teacher, English and Drama.




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Lawrence G. Haggerty Faculty Award for Excellence in Research, Marquette University, 2010


Organization of American Historians Distinguished Lecturer (2004-Present)


Award for Enhancing the Quality of Student Life, Division of Student Life, Marquette University, 2004


1999 “Outstanding Academic Book,” Choice Magazine (for Children's Civil War)


1999 Alpha Sigma Nu Jesuit National Book Award for History (for Children's Civil War)



              National Endowment for the Humanities

                            $176,000 for “Children in Urban America Project” (2000-2004)

              Marquette University

                            Mellon Grant for Legacies of Lincoln Conference, 2009

                            Mellon Grant for "Paths to Understanding" Lecture Series, 2003-2005

                            Faculty Development Award, l988, 1991, 2000

                            Regular Research Grant, 1994, 2000

                            Summer Faculty Fellowship, l988, 1993

              Bradley Institute for Democracy and Public Values

                            Summer Stipend, 1994, 1998



Director: Children in Urban America Project (1999-2004): Digital archive on history of children in Milwaukee, 1850-present.  Named one of EDSITEment’s 2005-2006 “Best of the Humanities on the Web” educational websites.



Journal of the History of Childhood and Youth (2014-Present)

Milwaukee History, Milwaukee County Historical Society (2003-2009)



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Editorial Advisory Board, Richards Classics Series, Pennsylvania State University Press,



150th Anniversary of the Civil War Advisory Committee, Kenosha Civil War Museum,



Wisconsin Civil War Sesquicentennial Commission, 2010-Present


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Paul Beck (Wisconsin Lutheran College), Fort Ridgely and the Settlement of the

Minnesota River Valley, 1853-1867 (1996)


Kevin Abing (Office of Advancement, Marquette University), A Fall From Grace:

Thomas Johnson and the Shawnee Indian Manual Labor School, 1839-1862





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