Week Four
Here Come the Spanish

The Conquest of Mexico

I. Precursors: Cuba (1511), Yucatán (1517-18)

II. Chronology of conquest:

A. 1519 spring: arrival and first contacts

-- translators: Jerónimo de Aguilar, Gonzalo Guerrero, Malintzin (Doña Marina, La Malinche)

-- founding of Veracruz

-- battle and alliance with Tlaxcala

-- Cholula massacre

-- entry into Tenochtitlan and seizure of Moctezuma II

B. 1520: occupation and ejection from Tenochtitlan

-- Cortés leaves for coast

-- massacre of lords during Feast of Toxcatl (May)

-- Cortés returns, La Noche Triste (June), Moctezuma II dies

C. 1521: regrouping, seige, final attack

-- smallpox in Tenochtitlan

-- brigantines built in Tlaxcala

-- siege May-August; Cuauhtemoc remains tlatoani (ruler)

II. Who were the conquistadors?

-- Spaniards

Fernando/Hernando/Hernán Cortés
Bernal Díaz del Castillo, Historia verdadera de la conquista de la Nueva Espa

-- Africans
-- Natives

Xochimilco (chinampa towns)