Links to Web Sites about Asian Affairs

Contemporary Issues
Culture and Travel

Contemporary Issues

Asiaweek Magazine
     An excellent site for contemporary articles on Asian affairs.

BBC Asia-Pacific News
     Try this site for a British perspective on Asian affairs.

Far Eastern Economic Review
     One of the more informative journals on Asian politics, society and economics.

Nepal News
     Daily news from Kathmandu, with links to local and international news sources.

South China Morning Post
     A good source of Asian news with your morning coffee.

The Straits Times
     See this site for news on South, Southeast and Far East Asian issues.

     A very good site for Time Magazine articles on contemporary Asian issues.

Culture and Travel

Asian Libraries Journal
     Tables of contents and abstracts of articles with particular reference to Asia.

Asian Historical Architecture
     An informative and delightful site, presenting a photographic survey of Asia's architectural heritage.  Over 6100 photos of 431 sites in sixteen countries, with extensive background information and 'virtual tours.'

Southeast Asain Languages and Cultures
     From the Center for Southeast Asian Studies, Northern Illinois University, this site provides an interactive learning resource for Southeast Asian languages, literatures, and cultures.

What's New?
     For those interested in the latest developments in Asian studies from "down under."  Bills itself as the "world's oldest Asian Studies online research facility.


Social Crisis in East Asia
     Searchable site on the social impact of the economic crisis in East Asia.  This World Bank site contains texts of several papers, a "library" of documents on the cirisis as it impacts education, health, ethnic strife, etc.


Ancient History Timelines and Tables
     Includes chronologies for ancient civilizations in Southeast Asia, China, Japan, and Korea.

Harvard-Yenching Library
    A good site for research materials and information on China and Asia

Korean Studies
     An A-Z site providing information on historical and contemporary Korea.

The SARS Epidemic
     A comprehensive site examining the developmental history, facts, myths and related policies of the SARS outbreak in Asia.  Includes reports from China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Vietnam and Canada.

Southeast Asia Web
    This searchable (by country and subject) site provides links to historical information, contemporary reports, daily news and teaching resources about Southeast Asian countries.


Australian Government
     Australia is very active in Asian Studies.  This Australian Government site focuses on Asian politics and economics.

Teaching Resources for Asia

Asia For Educators
     Produced by Columbia University's East Asian Curriculum Project, this website offers an excellent selection of Classroom materials and Teacher Guides for China and Japan.

Asia For Elementary Students and Teachers
     Provides links to teaching resources and lesson plans on various Asian nations.

Asian Educational Media Service
     AEMS provides a online searchable database, teacher's guides, Asian images and a free newsletter.

Asian Maps from National Geographic
      A good searchable site for Asian maps, and information (demographics, geography and climate.)

Asian Maps (Again)
      Another good searchable site for Asian geography maps, and information (demographics, climate, culture, country facts, historical maps, etc.)

Cornell University Asian Resource Centers
     Do you need materials to supplement your teaching about South, Southeast or East Asia?  This site has everything you need -- from a huge video library to specific curriculum units.

Education About Asia
     This is the website for the excellent periodical, Education About Asia, sponsored by The Association for Asian Studies.

Five College Center for East Asian Studies
     This site was created to improve the quality, quantity, and distribution of resources for teaching about East Asia at the college and precollege levels and to offer opportunities for precollege educators to experience  East Asian cultures firsthand.  It offers resources and lesson plans for teaching East Asia from the Elementary through College level.

Forum on Asia in the Curriculum
     Devoted to improving the teaching of Asian Studies, this site includes general news and announcements and information on study tours, exchange programs, summer seminars, tips, syllabus and module bank, and regional discussion groups.

Macau:  Cartographic Images
     A selection of historical maps of Macau from an exhibition at the Library of Congress.

SPICE  The Stanford Program on International and Cross-Cultural Education (SPICE) website supports efforts to  internationalize elementary and secondary school curricula  through the production of high-quality curriculum materials on international and cross-cultural topics. SPICE has produced over 100 supplementary curriculum units on Africa, Asia and the Pacific, Europe, Latin America, the global environment, and international political economy.