[Anthony F. Peressini]

Anthony Peressini


Email:   anthony.peressini@marquette.edu
Phone: (414) 288-5683
Office:   423 Marquette Hall


I work in philosophy of mind & consciousness, science, mathematics, and also as a researcher in psychology. I am especially interested in the relationship between science, scientific results and philosophical theorizing. I've been at Marquette since 1994 and before that studied at the University of Wisconsin-Madison . . . and way back at Montana State University.

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Abstract: The concept of race has recently come prominently back into discussion in the context of medicine and medical science, along with renewed effort to biologize racial concepts, typically by way of population genetics. In this paper I critique this renewed effort to biologize race by way of medicine and population genetics, arguing that the particular cases made from medicine and population genetics are not persuasive even on their own terms, and more generally that the philosophical project of “biologizing” race ought to be recognized for what it is—a retrograde racial project—and abandoned.

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