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I’ve taught introduction courses on human nature and ethical theory. I regularly teach upper level courses on philosophy of mind/consciousness, and philosophy of science. And once in awhile courses on philosophy of biology, mathematics, and metaphysics and epistemology.


My regular graduate courses are in philosophy of mind, consciousness, and science. I’ve had PhD students working in philosophy of mind, freedom, and consciousness (panpsychism and integrated information accounts!).


I’ve taught many Honors seminars incorporating mindfulness practice and on topics from Marxism and Value to Science Fiction and Philosophy; from Social Privilege to The Origins of the Universe. I've taught an honors seminar on race, gender, and orientation privilege.

Several of my courses include topics related to race, gender, and orientation privilege and construction, especially from the interdisciplinary area between philosophy, biology, sociology, and psychology. I've also taught a course on philosophy of love, paying particular attention to constraining hetero-normativity in the literature.