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Announcing the Launching of a New Book Series:  Together with Prof. Gerald Hartung (Bergische Universität Wuppertal), I am, since late 2015, co-editor of a new book series entitled

"New Studies in the History and Historiography of Philosophy." 

So far, three volumes have appeared:

Vol. I:  From Hegel to Windelband:  Historiography of Philosophy in the 19th Century, ed. by G. Hartung;

Vol. II:  The Philosophy of Ernst Cassirer:  A Novel Assessment, ed. by SL & J Tyler Friedman;

Vol. III: Reading Between the Lines:  Leo Strauss and the History of Early Modern Philosophy, ed. by W. Schröder.

If you have a manuscript that you could imagine fitting into this series, please contact Prof. Hartung or me.

New Book:  Together with Maren Wehrle (Leuven), I am editing a volume from Metzler Verlag (Germany), entitled "Husserl - Leben - Werk - Wirkung."  The book is to appear in the fall of 2017.

New Book:  Together with Ruth Hagengruber (Paderborn), I am currently editing the conference proceedings of the conference on Women Phenomenologists on Social Ontology; it is to appear with Springer in early 2017.


Upcoming Talks and Conferences:

Talks this Year (2017) are planned at Lexington (March 21), Bonn (June 1), Augsburg (June 7), and Leuven (June 16).

March 31-April 1, 2017:  I am organizing a conference (in conjunction with the Loyola-Marquette Phenomenology Research Group), sponsored by the American Friends of Humboldt Foundation, entitled "Current Debates in Phenomenology and Overcoming the Continental-Analytic Divide."  Speakers will be:  James Dodd (New School), Paul Livingston (New Mexico), and myself, in conjunction with graduate students from Loyola and Marquette working on theses in phenomenology. 

See here for the conference announcement!  Program is here.

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April 12-14, 2017:  There will be an author-meets-critics session on my latest book at APA Pacific in Seattle.  Respondents:  Samantha Matherne (UC Santa Cruz), Anne Pollok (U of South Carolina) and Gregory Moynahan (Bard College).

May 25-27, 2017:  Conference, co-organized with Dr. Niels Weidtmann and Prof. Sonja Rinofner at the University of Tübingen, topic:  Phenomenology and Pragmatism.  See here for more info (poster forthcoming) with featured speakers!

Check back for more details. 

For past events, check the Archives.


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