Sebastian Luft, Ph.D.
Department of Philosophy


Current Research

Larger Projects:

Translation Project:  Edmund Husserl, Erste Philosophie (First Philosophy), Husserliana VII & VIII.  Trans. with T. M. Naberhaus, to appear with Springer Publishers.  The translation is finished and approved and is currently being typeset.

Future Edition:  I am currently exploring the possibility of editing Wilhelm Windelband's influential essay collection Präludien, to be co-edited with Gerald Hartung (Wuppertal).

Co-Authored Book Project:  Together with Faustino Fabbianelli (Parma), I will co-author a short book entitled Varieties of Philosophical Idealism.  A proposal has been accepted by Palgrave and contract signed.

Co-Edited Proceedings: Together with Ruth Hagengruber (Paderborn), I am editing the conference proceedings of the conference on Women Phenomenologists on Social Ontology, held at the University of Paderborn in February 2016.  This conference had two sections, invited scholars and junior scholars who responded to the call for papers.  We are editing a selection of both sections, to appear with Springer (hopefully) in 2016.

Anthology in Spanish:  I have assembled several papers on Phenomenology, Neo-Kantianism and Philosophy of Culture (mostly unpublished) that will be published in Spanish translation with Aula de Humanidades (Bogota), translated by Ricardo Mendoza Canales and Ignacio Quepons, to appear in 2017.

Philosophie Lehren:  Der Meiner Verlag (Hamburg) hat mein Buchprojekt zur philosophischen Hochschuldidaktik akzeptiert. Abgabe des Manuskripts Sommer 2018.

Phenomenology and Pragmatism: Together with Sonja Rinofner-Kreidl (Graz) and Niels Weidtmann (Tübingen), I am editing a special volume of Phänomenologische Forschungen on the relation of both movements (based on a conference with the same title in the summer of 2017 in Tübingen).