Authors’ Download Center

Files listed below are all PDF files. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to read them and print them. Click here to download the latest version from the Adobe web site:

Use your browser pointer to download them automatically to your computer.

1. The first file is for authors who have proposed books not currently in any of our series. It displays a grid, scanned from the opening pages of the latest Directory of the Association of American University Presses, showing areas in which member presses specialize. Please consult it for your book project. The full Directory is probably in your library.

AAUP Grid of Member Presses’ Specializations

2. The second file is for authors and editors preparing digital manuscripts that by meet our standards from the start will have smoother editing and prepress production.

Guidelines for Style

3. The third group comprises page proofs for books in progress. Please respect the privacy and the copyright of these unpublished works by downloading only your own. You will have been notified by email of its having been placed here. Please confirm by email as soon as you have downloaded your file and it will be deleted immediately.

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