Old Skeches




Old Sketches
Old sketches of some well-known atmospheric scientists and authors,
made from 1981 to 1995.

Pal Arya


Jost Businger


Robert A. Brown


James Deardorff


Robert G. Fleagle

 Tzvi Gal-Chen

 Doug Lilly

 Yoshi Sasaki

Henrik Tennekes


Ted Yamada


John M.Wallace


John C. Wyngaard


Roland Stull


James Holton


Frans Nieuwstadt
Some other sketches are depicted in"Atmospheric Turbulence & Air Pollution Modelling", Ed. F.T.M. Nieuwstadt and H.van Dop, D.Reidel, 1981.

Prof.Wladyslaw Parczewski


Doc. Edward Sztrauch


Doc. Jerzy Pruchnicki


Doc. Anna Madany


Prof. Jan Juda

 Doc. Jerzy Chrøsciel


Prof. Krzysztof Haman


Sketches made during the 1981/1982 visit to Uppsala University in Sweden
(the cartoon is still in Uppsala):
Sketches made during my 1990-1996 stay at the University of Oklahoma, Norman
(the cartoon is still in Norman):


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Photos of Natalia (Polish Fest, Milwaukee, June 24,2007):

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