SPPA Course Descriptions and Syllabi


SPPA 031 - Phonetics                                                                                    3 semester hours

Patterns of normal, dialectical, and defective production of American English speech sounds, with practical experience in phonetic transcription according to the International Phonetic Alphabet. Offered Fall term. Prereq: SPPA major; or SPPA minor; or SPLA major; or consent of Department Chair.


SPPA 036 - Anatomy and Physiology of Speech  and Hearing Mechanism  3 semester hours

Anatomy and physiology of the speech production mechanism, including bases for phonation, articulation, breathing, and neural control. Offered Spring term. Prereq: SPPA major; or SPPA minor; or SPLA major; or consent of Department Chair.


SPPA 134 - Speech Science                                                                         3 semester hours

Study of the speech code. Linguistic, physiological, and acoustical components of the code are considered in relation to both speech production and recognition. Instrumentation useful in the clinical and laboratory analysis of speech is considered. Offered Fall term. Prereq: SPPA major and SPPA 36; or SPLA major and SPPA 36; or consent of Department Chair.


SPPA 139 - Normal Speech and Language Development                             3 semester hours

Overview of general linguistic concepts and their application to the acquisition of language by young children. Theories of language development from infancy to early school age. Offered Fall term. Prereq: SPPA major; or SPLA major; or consent of dept. chair.


SPPA 140 - Language Disorders in Children                                                 3 semester hours

Survey of the linguistic and developmental characteristics of children with special needs who have primary or secondary difficulties acquiring their native language. An overview of descriptive assessment of language profiles, and language intervention issues. Multicultural issues related to child language differences and disorders also are studied. Offered Spring term. Prereq: SPPA major and SPPA 10 and SPPA 139; or SPLA major and SPPA 10 and SPPA 139; or consent of the dept. chair.


SPPA 142 - Articulation and Phonological Disorders                                    3 semester hours

Evaluating and treating children and adults with speech disorders. Theories of normal speech sound acquisition are introduced and applied to our understanding of speech disorders. Information on etiological factors and classification of speech disorders. Offered Spring term. Prereq: SPPA major and SPPA 10 and SPPA 31 and SPPA 36; or SPLA major and SPPA 10 and SPPA 31 and SPPA 36; or consent of Department Chair.


SPPA 143 - Stuttering and Other Fluency Disorders                                      3 semester hours

Introduction to the symptomatology, phenomenology, etiology, assessment and management of stuttering and other fluency disorders in children and adults. Offered Spring term. Prereq: SPPA major and SPPA 10; or SPLA major and SPPA 10; or consent of dept. chair.


SPPA 148 - Multicultural Issues for Speech-Language Pathologists             3 semester hours

The study of culture and communication in linguistically diverse populations [i.e., Non- Standard American English speakers, Native Americans, (with emphasis on Wisconsin Native tribes)Asians, and Latinos]. The course will include L1 and L2 acquisition profiles and information pertaining to service delivery with non-native English speakers. The U.S. Latino population will be emphasized. Students’ knowledge and understanding of racism will be explored. This course will meet the multicultural requirements for the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction licensing in speech-language pathology. Offered Spring term. Prereq: Jr. stndg.


SPPA 151 - Clinical Procedures and Management                                       3 semester hours

Clinical procedures and management techniques for diagnosis and remediation of clients in a variety of clinical settings are taught. Topic areas include issues and ethics in serving birth to three, multicultural and developmentally disabled populations. Other topics include report writing/documentation, quality assurance, private practice and professional organizations. Offered every other term. Prereq: consent of dept. chair; and SPPA major and SPPA 142; or SPLA major and SPPA 142; SPPA 153 must be taken concurrently.


SPPA 152 - Procedures in Medical and School Settings                               3 semester hours

Terminology, laws and procedural requirements for speech-language pathology programs in both school and medical settings will be introduced.  Students will become familiar with documentation and professional interactions in a variety of work settings.  A combination of lecture and simulated activities will be utilized to prepare students for functioning in off-campus medical and school placements.  Wisconsin school and medical speech-language pathology licensing and national certification requirements will be addressed.


SPPA 158 - Diagnostic Methods in Speech-Language Pathology                 3 semester hours

The purpose of this course is to provide the students with an understanding of the components inherent in the diagnostic process. These include but are not limited to: a) an overview of diagnostic models, b) sources of delays and disorders, c) purposes of assessment, d) interviewing techniques, e) testing and measurement caveats, f) framework for analysis of the data, g) interpretation of results to families or referral sources, and h) report writing. Offered Fall term. Prereq: SPPA major and SPPA 139; or SPLA major and SPPA 139; or consent of dept. chair.


SPPA 172 - Introduction to Audiology                                                           3 semester hours

Principles and techniques of audiometric testing; study of basic acoustics; review of anatomy and physiology of the hearing mechanism; introduction to pathologic conditions of the hearing mechanism; laboratory work in basic audiometric test procedures. Offered Spring term. Prereq: SPPA major and SPPA 36 and SPPA 134; or SPLA major and SPPA 36 and SPPA 134; or consent of dept. chair.


SPPA 173 - Hearing Problems                                                                       3 semester hours

Extensive study of hearing disorders and the psychological and social implications of hearing impairment. Habilitation/rehabilitation strategies are discussed. Offered Fall term. Prereq: SPPA major and SPPA 172; or SPLA major and SPPA 172; or consent of dept. chair.


SPPA 241 - Child Language Intervention Issues                                           3 semester hours

Includes basic information pertaining to current theories of language impairment in children. A detailed examination of the linguistic characteristics typical of children with primary and secondary language impairments is provided along with issues concerning the differential diagnosis of children with language disorders. Information pertaining to both theoretical and applied aspects of language intervention from infancy through adolescence is provided. Issues pertinent to assessment and intervention with multicultural populations are embedded in the lecture material throughout the semester. Offered Fall term.


SPPA 242 - Traumatic Brain Injuries                                                             3 semester hours

Surveys communicative/cognitive disorders subsequent to head trauma. Topics include neurophysiology of brain functions, linguistic and cognitive deficits, assessment and management of patients with closed-head injuries. Offered Summer term. Prereq: SPPA 247 and SPPA 249.


SPPA 243 - Dysphagia                                                                                   3 semester hours

Anatomy and physiology of the normal swallow in adults; anatomic and physiologic disorders affecting the process of swallowing (deglutition) with emphasis on radiographic and bedside diagnostic and treatment procedures. The class will include a lab experience and analysis of videofluoroscopic studies of the swallowing process. Offered Summer session.


SPPA 244 - Voice Disorders                                                                          3 semester hours

An in-depth examination of normal and pathological voice. Topics considered include forces producing phonation, measures of glottal function, and the effect of pitch, intensity and other variables on vocal function. Emphasis on the diagnosis and treatment of voice disorders using clinical instrumentation. Offered Fall term.


SPPA 246 - Craniofacial Speech Disorders                                                   3 semester hours

Intended to provide a background in craniofacial speech disorders. Will begin with a review of embryological development of the head/face, craniofacial syndromes and their etiologies, and the anatomy and physiology of the velopharyngeal mechanism. The importance of “team care” and the role of the various disciplines on the craniofacial team will be discussed. Both instrumental and non-instrumental assessment techniques will be presented. Intervention will focus primarily on adapting traditional and phonological approaches to the treatment of craniofacial speech disorders. Offered Spring term. Prereq: SPPA 142 or equiv.  


SPPA 247 - Neurological Bases of Speech and Language Disorders            3 semester hours

Focuses on fundamentals of neuroscience as it relates to human behavior. Areas discussed include: clinical neurology, neuroanatomy and physiology, neuroembryology, neuroradiology, neurosurgical principles, sensorimotor systems and their applications in the assessment and management of neurogenic communicative disorders. Offered Fall term.


SPPA 248 - Neuromuscular Disorders                                                           3 semester hours

A survey of the etiology, symptomatology and clinical management of major neuromuscular and organic articulation disorders. Topics discussed include dysarthria and apraxia. Offered Spring term. Prereq: SPPA 247.


SPPA 249 - Aphasia                                                                                      3 semester hours

A comprehensive review of neurogenic disorders of adult language. Topics discussed include: differential diagnosis of aphasia, linguistic analysis of different aphasic syndromes, clinical testing, and rehabilitation. Differential diagnosis of language disturbances associated with dementia and right/left hemispheric pathologies will also be discussed. Offered Fall term. Prereq: SPPA 247, which can be taken concurrently.


SPPA 260 - Augmentative and Alternate Communication (AAC)                   3 semester hours

Deals with certain problems met when attempting to habilitate or rehabilitate children and adults who have essentially normal hearing for whom speech is unlikely to be adequate for at least some communicative purposes (either temporarily or permanently). Intended to acquaint participants with the gestural and instrumental augmentative communication strategies that have been developed to provide them with the information necessary to both select the most advantageous strategy for a particular client and teach him or her how to use it. Offered Summer session.


SPPA 261 - Clinical Research Methodology                                                  3 semester hours

Methodologies involved in identifying, formulating, and answering questions relevant to the impacts of diagnostic and therapeutic programs on persons who have communicative disorders. Offered Spring term.


SPPA 265 - Intervention Issues with the Birth-to-Three Child                        3 semester hours

Screening, assessment and family-based intervention issues specific to the communicative aspects of the birth-to-three child. The course will emphasize identification and treatment issues specific to P.L. development, multicultural considerations, case management, and interdisciplinary/transdisciplinary assessment and intervention. Offered every Summer.


SPPA 281 - Speech and Language Assessment in Bilingual Populations     3 semester hours

Study of the principles and techniques of assessing bilingual populations with an emphasis on the Spanish-English bilingual speaker. Instruction in formal and informal methods and strategies for assessing speech and language skills in children and adults. Prereq: SPPA 158 or equiv.


SPPA 282 - Speech and Language Intervention in Bilingual Populations    3 semester hours

Study of intervention approaches and techniques in the remediation of communication disorders in bilingual populations, with an emphasis on the Spanish-English bilingual speaker. Speech and language intervention techniques which focus on facilitating language for learning, language for communication, and the remediation of speech and language impairments in adults and children will be included. Offered Summer session.