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[   ]How do I add photos or videos to the catalog.pdf07-Jul-2011 20:08 294K
[   ]How do I change from English to Spanish catalogs.pdf07-Jul-2011 20:08 117K
[   ]How do I change the order in which pictures are displayed.pdf07-Jul-2011 20:08 65K
[   ]How do I change the picture for a word to one of my own.pdf07-Jul-2011 20:08 633K
[   ]How do I change the picture size on the screen.pdf07-Jul-2011 20:08 111K
[   ]How do I change the speaker voices.pdf07-Jul-2011 20:08 117K
[   ]How do I change the word associated with a picture.pdf07-Jul-2011 20:08 137K
[   ]How do I create my own album of pictures.pdf07-Jul-2011 20:08 170K
[   ]How do I display an album of photos one-by-one without the picture switching after a certain time.pdf07-Jul-2011 20:08 179K
[   ]How do I display a set of pictures from a specific articulation test.pdf07-Jul-2011 20:08 73K
[   ]How do I display pictures with a common theme.pdf07-Jul-2011 20:08 113K
[   ]How do I display the pictures in alphabetic order after Iíve added some new pictures to the catalog.pdf07-Jul-2011 20:08 134K
[   ]How do I display the properties box.pdf07-Jul-2011 20:08 61K
[   ]How do I display two pictures on the screen side-by-side.pdf07-Jul-2011 20:08 144K
[   ]How do I edit an album name or tag category name.pdf07-Jul-2011 20:08 149K
[   ]How do I get back to the main tag menu after I have selected something.pdf07-Jul-2011 20:08 170K
[   ]How do I hide all the videos.pdf07-Jul-2011 20:08 83K
[   ]How do I make a PDF file collection of pictures or WMV video file that can be played on my client's home computer.pdf07-Jul-2011 20:08 281K
[   ]How do I make an interactive web page collection of pictures that can be played on my client's home computer.pdf07-Jul-2011 20:08 336K
[   ]How do I make my own audio recordings for the pictures already in the catalog.pdf07-Jul-2011 20:08 201K
[   ]How do I make one photo fill the screen.pdf07-Jul-2011 20:08 94K
[   ]How do I play a game in which we place pictures on a map.pdf07-Jul-2011 20:08 260K
[   ]How do I play a video.pdf07-Jul-2011 20:08 153K
[   ]How do I play the audio for a set of pictures.pdf07-Jul-2011 20:08 202K
[   ]How do I play the audio for a single picture.pdf07-Jul-2011 20:08 144K
[   ]How do I print pictures.pdf07-Jul-2011 20:08 179K
[   ]How do I remove a picture from an album.pdf07-Jul-2011 20:08 178K
[   ]How do I save a slide show or photo book onto a flash drive.pdf07-Jul-2011 20:08 483K
[   ]How do I save copies of a particular set of photos to another file in my computer.pdf07-Jul-2011 20:08 118K
[   ]How do I search for a single picture by name.pdf07-Jul-2011 20:08 151K
[   ]How do I see information about a particular picture.pdf07-Jul-2011 20:08 111K
[   ]How do I select a group of pictures for words with the same number of syllables.pdf07-Jul-2011 20:08 141K
[   ]How do I select a group of pictures that are in the same semantic field.pdf07-Jul-2011 20:08 84K
[   ]How do I select a group of pictures that are most likely or least likely to be familiar to a child.pdf07-Jul-2011 20:08 63K
[   ]How do I select a group of pictures that contain the same target phoneme.pdf07-Jul-2011 20:08 117K
[   ]How do I select a group of pictures that have the same grammatical form.pdf07-Jul-2011 20:08 197K
[   ]How do I select more than one tag at once.pdf07-Jul-2011 20:08 222K
[   ]How do I select only certain pictures from an album to play in my slide show.pdf07-Jul-2011 20:08 90K
[   ]How do I show all photos on the screen.pdf07-Jul-2011 20:08 124K
[   ]How do I show all the tags or album categories at once.pdf07-Jul-2011 20:08 159K
[   ]How do I show or hide just the filename.pdf07-Jul-2011 20:08 63K
[   ]How do I show or hide picture details.pdf07-Jul-2011 20:08 86K
[   ]How do I tag new photos or videos that I add to the catalog.pdf07-Jul-2011 20:08 90K
[   ]How do I turn audio on or off during a slideshow.pdf07-Jul-2011 20:08 150K
[   ]How do I view a set of pictures in a slide show.pdf07-Jul-2011 20:08 445K
[   ]How do I view minimal pair contrasts side by side.pdf07-Jul-2011 20:08 227K
[   ]How do I view other pictures or videos in the catalog.pdf07-Jul-2011 20:08 84K
[   ]How do I view suggested targeted grammatical forms for pictures such as prepositional phrases or coordinated clauses.pdf07-Jul-2011 20:08 242K
[   ]Instructions for Configuring Adobe Photoshop Elements 6.pdf07-Jul-2011 20:08 279K
[   ]Instructions for Configuring Adobe Photoshop Elements 7.pdf07-Jul-2011 20:08 152K
[   ]Instructions for Installing MaUSECat.pdf07-Jul-2011 20:08 86K
[   ]MaUSECat tour of main screen.pdf07-Jul-2011 20:08 316K
[   ]PSE version 7 English catalogs.exe07-Jul-2011 20:08 21M
[   ]PSE version 7 Spanish catalogs.exe07-Jul-2011 20:08 7.4M
[   ]Troubleshooting - How do I return to the previous screen visited or return to all the photos.pdf07-Jul-2011 20:08 78K
[   ]Troubleshooting - How do I show hidden photos.pdf07-Jul-2011 20:08 112K
[   ]Troubleshooting - How do I undo an action if it is not desired.pdf07-Jul-2011 20:08 116K
[VID]mausecat.mov07-Jul-2011 20:08 6.9M