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Berman, R.A. (1986). A cross-linguistic perspective: Morphology and syntax. In P. Fletcher & M. Garman (Eds.), Language Acquisition. Second Edition. New York: Cambridge University Press. Pages 429-447.


Bickerton, D. (1983). Creole languages. Scientific American, 249, 116-122.

Crystal D. (2004). Rediscover Grammar. London: Pearson Longman.

Owens, R.E. (2011). Language Development: An Introduction. 8th Edition. Boston: Pearson Education.


Pinker, S. (1991). Rules of language. Science, 250, 530-535.


Online Resources This “Companion Web site” for the Owens textbook contains practice quizzes for each chapter as well as audio samples, flashcards for learning terminology, and links to other relevant websites.



For most of the units in this course there are available short (less than 50 minute) videos to watch on your home computer. These videos will enhance and reinforce what you read and learn in class but watching them is optional and you need not take notes. The videos can be downloaded from D2L.


Terminology and Sample Questions to review for Exams

The link for a review document may not work (i.e., you’ll see “The page cannot be found”) until a week before before that exam.


First Exam Terminology

First Exam Sample Questions

Second Exam Terminology

Second Exam Sample Questions

Final Exam Terminology

Final Exam Sample Questions


Course Outline

Topics to be covered in each class are listed in the table below, along with the texts that should be read. Homework due dates are in boldface and are subject to change. Examination dates are also shown. The PDF links will let you download all the Powerpoint slides shown in class for a given unit. The PDF link for a given unit may not work (i.e., you’ll see “The page cannot be found”) until a few days before we begin that unit in class.




Lecture Topics





8/25 M

Language domains

Owens: chapter 1

click here



8/27 W

8/29 F

First words

Owens: chapter 7

click here

Homework Corpora



9/1 M

no class (Labor Day)





9/3 W

9/5 F

9/8 M

First words (cont.)





9/10 W

9/12 F

Precursors of language in infancy

Owens: chapters 4, 5

click here



9/15 M

9/17 W

9/19 F

Conversations of parents & children

Owens, pp. 165-175


click here



9/22 M

First Examination




9/24 W

9/26 F

9/29 M

10/1 W

10/3 F

Grammatical structures of English

Crystal (entire book)

click here



10/6 M

10/8 W

10/10 F

10/13 M

10/15 W

Grammatical development

Owens: pp. 147-164, 269-303, 338-349

click here
















10/17 F

no class (Mid-semester holiday)




10/20 M

10/22 W

10/24 F

Later lexical development

Owens: pp. 252-259, 331-338

click here






10/27 M

Second Examination




10/29 W

10/31 F

Pragmatic development

Owens: pp. 227-251, 315-331

click here



11/3 M

11/5 W

Individual differences

Owens: pp. 386-388

click here



11/7 F

11/10 M

11/12 W

Later achievements: metaphor, humor, idiom, narrative, language awareness

Owens: pp. 335-338, 351-353

click here



11/14 F

11/17 M

Acquisition of other languages



click here



11/19 W

11/21 F

11/24 M

Biological, cognitive, and environmental factors in language development

Owens: chapter 3

click here



11/26 W

11/28 F

no class (Thanksgiving Break)




12/1 M

12/3 W

Linguistic theories of language acquisition




click here



12/5 F






12/11 Th

1:00-3:00 pm Final Examination