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The Ethnographer's Method

Alex Stewart, Marquette University

Sage Qualitative Research Methods Series 46

ISBN 0-7619-0393-3 (cloth) 0-7619-0394-1 (pbk)

"What is then this ethnographer's magic ...... [It is] the principles of method" (Bronislaw Malinowski, Argonauts of the Western Pacific, p. 6)

"We worry [about] a lack of attention to standards... In this 46th volume... Alex Stewart raises the difficult and important question of how we can tell if a particular ethnography is good work or not." (Series Editors' Introduction).

"A very useful update of the scientific characteristics of ethnography, especially those that distinguish it from quantitative research and other forms of qualitative research... The book is also an unapologetic defense of ethnography's special strengths. Finally, it focuses attention on those aspects of ethnography that are least understood and most poorly practiced by ethnographic neophytes: data analysis and interpretation.... This book provides... an epistemological warrant [and] ammunition for [contending against] the uninformed critique of ethnographies... Stewart's book provides clear guidelines for evaluating ethnographic work while vigorously defending the paradigmatic differences between ethnography and so-called conventional research." Review in Journal of Marketing Research (May 2000, by Eric J. Arnould, University of Nebraska)

"The most realistic and level-headed discussion of doing fieldwork that I have read in years. No aspiring ethnographer should be without it." Stephen R. Barley, Professor of Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management, Stanford University (and former editor of Administrative Science Quarterly)

"I was so taken by [ the book's] exposition and clarity of thought that I have just ordered the book as required reading in my "Methods of Field Research" course." Peter Adler, Professor of Sociology, University of Denver (and former co-editor of the Journal of Contemporary Ethnography)

"An excellent combination of simultaneous attention to epistemological concerns and practicality written with unusual clarity. I wish every author of a qualitative submission to ASQ would read it and use its checklist." Reed Nelson, Associate Professor of Management, Southern Illinois University (and Associate Editor of Administrative Science Quarterly)

"I am very favorably impressed.... I admire its clear language and simultaneously detailed and clear thought - a rare combination these days!" Fredrik Barth, Professor of Anthropology, University of Oslo (author of Cosmologies in the Making and over a dozen other ethnographic monographs)

1. Who Will Determine Expectations?, 2. Depicting Ethnographic Method, 3. Working Toward Ve-racity, 4. Working Toward Objectivity, 5. Working Toward Perspicacity, 6. Putting Expectations to Use, Appendix: An Editorial and Funding Review Checklist for Ethnographic Method, Notes

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