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Team Entrepreneurship

Team Entrepreneurship

Alex Stewart, Marquette University

ISBN 0-8039-3493-9 (cloth), 0-8039-3494-7 (pbk.)

Howard Aldrich, Kenan Professor of Sociology and Adjunct Professor of Business, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill: "I recommend this book to readers with an interest in entrepreneurship. The nitty-gritty details of the observations Stewart makes, and the excellent overview of "Running Hot", are likely to have the widest appeal. In terms of my own interests, however, I find that Chapters Seven and Eight make an extremely useful contribution to entrepreneurship research. Their points about the moral dimension of entrepreneurship were things I had never considered before, at least in the way that Stewart discusses them".

Anne S. Huff, Professor of Management, University of Colorado at Boulder (Past President, Academy of Management): "This is an unusual and interesting book. I like it because it is different, and requires more of the reader than many texts. Its tone is energetic and engaging, and its themes are compatible with emerging thinking about managing organizations."

William F. Kelleher, University of Illinois, in American Anthropologist, Volume 94, March, 1992 in a review article on "Work and Social Transformation Today", included Team Entrepreneurship as one of four books that: "provide empirical material through which current debates on the economic and cultural nature of modernity and postmodernity must be engaged (p. 140)... The substantive investigations in these four books offer insights into such phenomena, and their difficulties leave fruitful questions to try to answer in future work on these complex and urgent topics" (p. 144).

Craig Lundberg, Blanchard Professor of HRM, Cornell University, in his review in Administrative Science Quarterly, Volume 36, June, 1991: "Alex Stewart's little book, Team Entrepreneurship, sits prominently on the corner of my desk, with lots of underlining and the fly leaves covered with questions and notes. I take all of this to mean that it has become important to me and that I am still bothered and challenged by it." (p. 324).

Leonard R. Sayles, Professor of Management Emeritus, Columbia University (and Fellow of the American Anthropological Association): "I feel I can welcome you to the ranks of Whyte, Roy, Dalton, Strauss, Richardson et al." (personal communication)

Howard H. Stevenson, Sarofim-Rock Professor of Business Administration, Harvard Business School: "Team Entrepreneurship's focus on the way in which entrepreneurship is a group and social phenomenon rather than macho-individualistic phenomenon is critical. Overall, the book clearly is written from the inside perspective and reflects an unusual understanding of how entrepreneurship really works".

John Van Maanen, Irwin Schell Professor of Organization Studies, Sloan School of Management, MIT: "The book is engaging and novel... The work is splendid".

Team Entrepreneurship is also one of 2l recommended books ("Selected Readings") in Jon R. Katzenbach & Douglas K. Smith, The Wisdom of Teams, Harvard Business School Press, 1992, p. 276. The Wisdom of Teams is a Business Week 1993 best business book. Team Entrepreneurship, The Wisdom of Teams and one other book are the three works recommended for further reading for Chapter Four of John B. Miner's The 4 Routes to Entrepreneurial Success, Berrett-Koehler, 1996


Prologue for Practitioners (and Other Busy People);

Part I: Setting the Stage for Running Hot:

1. Market Focus,

2. Focused Employees: An Internally Nurtured Team;

Part II:

3. Growth with Limited Resources,

4. Community with a Mission: The Internal Politics of External Service,

5. Surely They Can't Keep It Up?,

6. Running Right on the Course;

Part II:

7. A Trip to the "Big Men",

8. Entrepreneurship Cross-Culturally;

Appendix A, Appendix B, References, Index.

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