Physics 002 Lab Syllabus - Spring 2000

The table below shows the experiment syllabus for Physics 002 in the SpringSemester of 2000. By clicking on the title of the experiment in the table below,one can obtain additional notes on the equipment and procedures for theindividual experiments. Thereis also a link which will connect you to examplesof good and bad lab reports which show not only an example of student work, butalso of the grading comments made on those particular reports.

Physics 002 Lab Syllabus - Spring2000
Date Experiment Title Relevant Topics
1/24 Electric Field Plotting Electric field distribution around charged objects
1/31 Introduction to Electric Measurement Ohm's Law, ammeters, voltmeters
2/7 Basic Circuits Basic DC series and parallel circuits
2/14 Resistivity Resistance characteristics of different conductors
2/21 RC Circuits Capacitance, RC circuits
2/28 MIDTERMS Make-up Labs may be scheduled
3/13 Ray Tracing Mirrors and lenses
3/20Prism SpectrometerDispersion, index of refraction
3/27Thin LensesImages made with converging lenses
4/3 Multiple Slit Optics A Single and Double slit patterns
4/10Multiple Slit Optics BGrating Spectrometer
4/24Radioactivity Half-life and sheilding
5/1 MAKE-UP WEEK All labs must be in by 5/5!!!

If you have any questions about Physics 002 labs or about this web site, youcan contact the Marquette University Lab Supervisor at (414)288 3651, or youcan email her with yourquestions and concerns.

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