Physics 003 Lab Syllabus - Fall 1999

The table below shows the experiment syllabus for Physics 003 in theFall of 1999. By clicking on the title of the experiment in the table below,one can obtain additional notes on the equipment and procedures for theindividual experiments. Appendix E of your lab manual contains a sampleexperiment and three sample lab reports: one good, one fair, and one poor. Thefirst entry in the table below provides a link to the experiment notes for thatexperiment and to grading commentary on each of the three sample reports.

Physics 003 Lab Syllabus - Fall1999
DateExperiment TitleRelevant Topics
---Appendix Esample experiment and reports
9/6KinematicsOne dimensional motion, constant acceleration
9/13Projectile MotionMotion in Two Dimensions
9/20Falling BodiesMotion with friction, terminal velocity
9/27Force TableComponent notation, addition of vectors
10/4Uniform Circular MotionCentripetal Force
10/11Collisions in Two Dimensionsconservation of momentum, elastic collisions
10/18MIDTERMSMake-up labs may be scheduled
10/25Rotational MotionMoment of inertia, torque, rotational kinematics
11/1Simple Harmonic MotionHooke's Law, masses on springs
11/8The PendulumPendulum motion, moment of inertia
11/15Standing WavesWave motion, superposition, resonance
11/22THANKSGIVINGMake-up labs may be scheduled
11/29Mechanical Equivalent of HeatConservation of energy, calorimetry
12/6LAST WEEK OF CLASSMake-up labs may be scheduled

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