Physics 004 Lab Syllabus - Spring 2000

This page contains a syllabus for Physics 004 Laboratory in the SpringSemester of 1999. By clicking on the title of the experiment in the tablebelow, one can obtain additional notes on the equipment and procedures for theindividual experiments. Thereis also a link to examples of good and bad reports. These examples also include not onle the student's work, but also the gradingcomments recieved by each sample report.

Physics 004 Lab Syllabus - Spring 2000
DateExperiment TitleRelevant Topics
1/24Electric DeflectionForces of electric fields on electric charges
1/31Basic CircuitsSimple DC circuits, series and parallel
2/7ResistivityProperties affecting resistivity of different materials
2/14RC CircuitsCharging and discharging of capacitors
2/21Magnetic DeflectionMagnetic forces on moving electric charges
2/28MIDTERMSMake-up labs may be scheduled
3/13Current BalanceMagnetic forces between electric currents
3/20InductionEffect of changing magnetic fields
3/27Prism SpectrometerDispersion, Rydberg constant
4/3Thin LensesConverging and Diverging lenses, thin lens equation
4/10Slit OpticsInterference and Diffraction
4/17EASTERNo New Lab
4/24RadioactivityHalf life and sheilding
5/1MAKE-UP WEEKAll labs MUST be in by Friday, 5/5 at 4:00 p.m.!!!

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