History of Latin America - Introduction to this Site

Welcome to the course! This website is designed to replicate and supplement the syllabus you received on the first day of class. If you wish another printout of that syllabus, it is available through D2L.

Here, standard syllabus information like grading policies and readings are given their own bullets in the Contents section of the course's home page. You will also find on the homepage a schedule of the course, broken down into weeks. Click on any given week, and you will find a list of that week's lectures and readings, plus lecture outlines and, if I have time, assorted commentary and images. This is the place that I will post anything I find on the web pertaining to that week's lecture themes.

This website is also THE BEST PLACE to keep up with any changes to the lecture schedule, readings, or assignments, as the semester progresses.

I've stated my own course goals in the syllabus, but the Diverse Cultures and History of Cultures and Societies goals are also worth keeping in mind throughout the semester. If you ever get bogged down and wonder what it's all for, go here.

This website is a work in progress, and I will be building it as we go. Please share with me any links, images, or suggestions you might have--chances are they will show up right away.