History of Latin America
Week 8: The Cold War...

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Quiz #2 beginning of class Tuesday

On the transition to the Cold War:

Guatemala in 1954: reports on Arbenz's posthumous homecoming in 1995, and some National Security Archive declassified documents from the coup.

Time Magazine's coverage of the coup, and of Arbenz's exile several months later.

It's always fun to track the changes to Wikipedia articles. Last time I checked (likely a while ago), the article on Operation PBSuccess was thorough and relatively accurate. The connection between the Guatemalan coup and Operation Ajax (1953) in Iran is worth contemplating--especially given the common, anti-imperialist cause between Iran and Latin American countries such as Venezuela today. Not surprisingly, the Iranian page these days is under much more dispute than the Guatemalan.

ECLA (now ECLAC since the Caribbean has join in), founded 1947 and still going....