History of Latin America
Week 10: The Cold War From Left...

Lecture outline
Readings: **Randall, “Christianity and Revolution”; **Selections from Castro, Guevara, and Yglesias

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When the trumpet blared, everything
on earth was prepared
and Jehovah distributed the world
to Coca-Cola Inc., Anaconda
Ford Motors, and other entities.
United Fruit Inc.
reserved for itself a juicy part,
the central isthmus of my land,
America's sweet waist.
It rebaptized its lands "Banana Republics,"
and upon the slumbering corpses,
upon the restless heroes
who conquered renown,
freedom, and flags,
it established a comic opera.
It alienated self-destiny,
gave crowns to small-time Caesars,
unsheathed envy, and drew
the dictatorship of flies:
Trujillo flies, Somoza flies,
Carias flies, Martinez flies,
Ubico flies, flies soaked
in humble blood and jam,
drunk flies that drone
over common graves,
circus flies, clever flies
versed in tyranny.

--Pablo Neruda, "United Fruit Co." from Canto General (1950)


Cuban graphic art posters from the 1960s and '70s like the one of Che above by Alfredo Rostgaard (1969), reproduced in Lincoln Cushing, ¡Revolutión!: Cuban Poster Art (San Francisco: Chronicle Books, 2003). p. 73.
A database of Castro's speeches from the University of Texas.
Photos by Alberto Korda of Fidel and Che.
A sympathetic account of the student movement in Mexico, 1968, in the months leading up to the Massacre of Tlatelolco in the Plaza de las Tres Culturas, Oct. 2, 1968, and more CIA documents.
A discography of Chile's Nueva Canción and folk music movement, including pages on Victor Jara.