History of Latin America
Week 16: Cocaine and Other Commodities

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The drug wars

A few years old now, NPR's John Burnett's series on narcotrafficking through Central America: a modern example of the kinds of contraband routes that were also prevalent (with different cargo) in the colonial period.

The Los Angeles Times' series on the Mexican drug wars

There is a lot of talk about legalization and decriminalization of marijuana these days! Here's a recent report from Time magazine on Portugal's policies

Really excellent background paper on current counternarcotics approaches globally, from the Brookings Institute

Hugo Chávez

This blogger doesn't like him...
This one used to -- but no more!
Alma Guillermoprieto has mixed feelings (Raynor subscribes to the NY Review of Books, have your ID handy)


The NYTimes assesses NAFTA after 15 years