Information and Resources on China 

Contemporary Issues
Culture and Travel

University of Heidelberg Internet Guide for Chinese Studies
     For A-Z information on Chinese Studies, make this Virtual Library your first stop.  This excellent searchable site provides links on everything from Academic Institutions to Technology; Economics to Fine Arts.  It also provides links to virtual libraries for other Asian nations and regions.

The Toyo Bunko
     Another excellent site for research materials on Asia.  The Touo Bunko is the largest library and research institute dealing with Asian studies in Japan and one of the five largest in the world.  It continues to build on its tradition of academic excellence in the pursuit of a better understanding of Asian culture and society.

Contemporary Issues

China Daily
     The official English language newspaper for the Chinese government.

China News Digest
     CND provides concise reports on current social, economic and political events in China.

Far Eastern Economic Review
     One of the more informative journals on Asian politics, society and economics.

South China Morning Post
     A good source of Asian news with your morning coffee.

Inside China Today
     A site devoted to contemporary Chinese culture.

Links to online Chinese Magazines and Newspapers
     This site provides links to Chinese media reports in English.

People's Daily
    English language edition of the Chinese government's official news, policies and opinions.

Science and Civilization
    This site will keep you abreast of current research in china.

     An excellent searchable source of information on all aspects of Chinese society, economics, culture and politics, collected and translated from Chinese newspapers, journals, and magazines.

Taipei Times
    One of the leading English language newspapers in Taiwan, providing a different perspective on China and the world.

What's New?
     For those interested in the latest developments in Asian studies from "down under."

Culture and Travel

Beijing Portal
     Contains illustrated articles on history, customs, architecture, archaeology, and art of China.

China Index
     A broad-based site which features links for daily news, arts, economic, business, culture, recipes, history, medicine, politics, religions, travel, agriculture, import and export (anything else???)

Chinese Classical Literature
     On-line texts of classical Confucian and Daoist prose and poetry.

     A China Travel Guide based on information from the CIA World Factbook.  Insights into Chinese culture, travel art, language. . .

Marco Polo?
     Want to tag along with Marco Polo on a modern-day Venice to Hong Kong expedition?

Online Chinese Cultures Abroad Directory
     Arranged geographically under headings such as "Transregional," "Southeast Asia Including Taiwan," "Pacific Islands Including Hawaii," etc., this diretory annotates websites describing experiences of the Chinese diaspora.

Palace Museum in Beijing
     Take a stroll through the halls and gardens of the Forbidden city with this informative virtual tour of the Palace Museum.

Virtual Tourist
     Tour China via modem and mouse!


Business Culture
     Information and links to China business culture, practices, protocol and business etiquette including practical tips on doing international business.

Business in China
     Interested in the most successful foreign businesses in China?


Ancient Dynasties
      The United States Army has produced this extensive, detailed, informative and easy to use Area Handbook on China.

Art in China
      This nicely crafted site presents an array of Chinese art from prehistory to the present.

Boxer Rebellion
     Text of an article by John W. Guy with numerous turn-of-the-century photographs.

China the Beautiful
     An extensive site containing information on the art, calligraphy, poetry, literature, and music of China.

China Timeline
     A good timeline for Chinese dynastic history, with links to information about the various dynasties.

The Chinese Classics
     This site provides full-text translations of the most important books of Confucian doctrine, including: the Analects, Mencius, The Great Learning, The Doctrine of the Mean, the Shu Ching, Shi Ching, I Ching, the  Li Ji, and the Book of Filial Piety.  It also includes the first three chapters of Sima Ch'ien, and a Japanese text concerning Neo-Confucianism.

Chines Propaganda Posters
     An extensive collection of Chinese propaganda posters from early campaigns in the late 1930s, to contemporary issues such as SARS and the Beijing Olympics.

Digital Asia Library
     The Digital Asia Library (DAL), a joint offering from The Ohio State University Libraries, the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities Libraries, and the University of Wisconsin-Madison Libraries, consists of a catalog of Internet resources related to Asian studies. Users can browse, keyword search, or perform an advanced search for resources.

Harvard-Yenching Library
    A good site for research materials and information on China and Asia.

Historical British Newspapers Online
     The British Library and Olive Software Inc. have collaborated to produce an online facsimile library of historic newspapers.  This site contains a digital archive of some 500,000 newspaper articles from British newspapers.

Historical Society for 20th Century China
     Symposium archives and resources on Chinese history.

John Fairbank Memorial Chinese History Virtual Library
     An interesting site of cultural and political history from the Qing dynasty to the present.

Macau Scientific and Cultural Foundation
     The Research and Science Unit works in close co-operation with the Scientific Board to develop research on the History, Culture and Society of Macao, as well as the centuries-old relationship between Portugal and China.

The Nanjing Massacre
     A site containing detailed information and images of the Japanese atrocities committed in Nanjing during World War II.

The Nanking Atrocities
     This on-line master's thesis by Masato Kajimoto includes interviews with leading historians and is illustrated with historical photographs and film footage.  It also includes contemporary accounts from diaries of Japanese soldiers and American missionaries in Nanking.

     This site includes factual data about Chinese geography, people, government, economy, communications, transportation, military and transnational issues culled from the 1997 CIA World Factbook and more recent updates.

Treaty Ports in China, 1920-1921
     Information on treaty ports, settlements, and concessions;  extraterritoriality, flags of the treaty ports before World War I; foreign colonies;  termination of treaty rights;  foreign armed forces in China;  Shanghai Municipal Council;  maps of Shanghai, Shameen Island, Hankow;  links to related sites.

Virtual Museum of China '89
     Web site on the Democracy Movement of 1989.

Virtual Museum of the Cultural Revolution
     A good web site on the Cultural Revolution, which includes information on historical figures and major events, the Red Guards, Sent Down Youth, and personal accounts.


Australian Government's Asia Site
     Australia is very active in Asian Studies.  This Australian Government site focuses on Asian politics and economics.

Chinese Government, Governance, and Elections
     Established in 2002 by The [Jimmy and Rosalynn] Carter Center, this Chinese language site provides scholars information on Chinese politics through news reports, articles, academic papers, laws and regulations.

Teaching Resources for China

Antique Maps of China Database
     Contains images of over 230 maps, charts, pictures, books and atlases of China by European cartographers from the collections of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology's library from the 16th through the 19th century.

Asian Educational Media Service
     AEMS provides a online searchable database, teacher's guides, Asian images and a free newsletter.

China Civil War Maps
     The United States Military Academy has provided this excellent source for maps on military campaigns in China from the Warlord period to 1949.

Cornell University Asian Resource Centers
     Do you need materials to supplement your teaching about China (or South, Southeast or East Asia)?  This site has everything you need -- from a huge video library to specific curriculum units.

Education About Asia
     This is the website for the excellent periodical, Education About Asia, sponsored by The Association for Asian Studies.

Formosa:  A Library of 19th Century Images
     This site provides textual representations, prints, maps, engravings, woodcuts, etchings, sketches of landscapes, people, architecture, boats and implements that were originally published in European and North American books and journals during the 19th Century.  The Timeline database enables users to chart an explorer's itinerary, to pinpoint foreign access to specific Formosan communities, or to compare historical events occurring in the same place or year.

The Voice of China
     An interesting and informative site "dedicated to break the barriers between different societies."  Well organized and detailed, this site provides a variety of information about Chinese culture and society from the proper way to hold a brush when writing characters to preparing sea cucumbers for a Beijing hot pot.

University of Oregon Teacher Resource Guide
     Produced by the University of Oregon Museum of Art, this "teacher outreach kit" is an excellent source of information on Chinese art and culture.  It includes sections on Chinese festivals and celebrations, traditional dress, painting, calligraphy, and papercuts, and puzzles and divination.