Japan and the Four Dragons Syllabus

Hist 198: Japan the the Four Dragons
Spring 2004

Dr. Daniel Meissner
Coughlin Hall 324  (288-3552)
Office Hours: MWF  9:00-10:00 (or by appt.)

Course Goals:
      To familiarize students with the historical development of specific Far Eastern nations over the course of the last century.  Since these nations have significantly impacted international economics and politics in the modern era, knowledge of their history, society and culture is necessary in understanding the role of Asia in contemporary global affairs, and the direction of East-West relations in the new millennium.
      To acquire specific knowledge of significant  people, places and events in modern Far Eastern history.
      To acquire in-depth knowledge of  major political systems, economic trends, and social structures in these Asian nations.
      To familiarize students with historical resources and web page construction.
      To integrate this information in rational discussion and analysis from an Asian – rather than Western –  perspective.

Peter Duus.  Modern Japan
On-line articles

There will be two examinations for this course: a midterm and a final.  Both examinations will consist of short identifications and essay questions related to the readings, lectures and discussions.  No make-up exams will be given.

There will be a total of five-six quizzes, administered approximately every second Friday of class.

Students are required to write three short analytical papers (approximately 2-3 typed pages each) based on contemporary media articles on Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong or Singapore.

In order to adequately prepare for lectures and discussions, the assigned readings for each week should be completed prior to class.

Regular attendance is required and active participation in class discussions is expected.  Absences will adversely affect your grade.  Students missing more than six (6) classes can not pass this course.  Prior written notice must be given by students missing class to attend university sponsored activities or events.

Analytical  Papers
Midterm Exam
Final Exam

Students are expected to stay current in their readings, complete projects on time, participate in discussions, and abide by Marquette University academic rules and regulations.

Special Accommodations:
Students who need special accommodations in order to meet any of the requirements of this course should speak to the instructor at the beginning of the semester.

Class Schedule

Week 1
1/12    Introduction to class goals and requirements.  Distribution of map exercise
1/14    Late Tokugawa
1/16    Workshop
                Readings: Duus, Ch. 1

Week 2
1/19    Martin Luther King Day – No Class
1/21    Japan: Structural Change During the Tokugawa
1/23    The Tokugawa in Decline
               Readings: Duus, Chs. 2-4

Week 3
1/26    Meiji Reformers
1/38    Meiji Constitution
1/30    Workshop: Quiz
     Readings: Duus, Chs. 5-7

Week 4
2/2     Strength and Expansionism
2/4     Industrialism and Modernization
2/6     Workshop: First Analytical Article Due
     Readings: Duus, Chs. 8-9

Week 5
2/9     Growth of Civil Government
2/11   The Economy and War
2/13   Workshop: Quiz
     Readings: Duus, Chs. 10-11

Week 6
2/16   The war of Japanese Aggression
2/18   Rise of Militarism
2/20    Workshop
     Readings: Duus, Chs. 12-13

Week 7
2/23   Pacific Expansion:  Asia for the Asians
2/25   War and Occupation
2/27   Workshop: Quiz
      Readings:  Duus, Chs. 14-15

Week 8
3/1     Containment, Korea, and the Reverse Course
3/3     Midterm Review
3/5     Midterm Exam
      Readings: Duus, Chs. 15-16

Week 9
3/8      Spring Holiday
3/10    Spring Holiday
3/12    Spring Holiday

Week 10
3/15   Sony, MITI and the Miracle
3/17   Economic Power
3/19   Workshop: Second Analytical Article Due
       Readings: Duus, Chs. 17-18

Week 11
3/22   The Bubble Economy
3/24   Japan Today
3/26   Workshop: Quiz
       Readings: Duus, Chs. 19-20

Week 12
3/29   Hong Kong: Asian Trade Depot to Export Giant
3/31   Hong Kong: Asian Financial Center; Chinese Takeover
4/2     Workshop: Third Analytical Article Due
        Readings: Liu Shuyong.  "Hong Kong:  A Survey of Its Political and Economic Developments"
                          Chalmers Johnson.  "The Mousetrap of Hong Kong"

Week 13
4/5     Taiwan: KMT, politics and economics
4/7     Taiwan: "Made in Taiwan"
4/9     Easter Break
     Readings:  Ralph Clough.  "The Enduring Influence of the Republic of China on Taiwan Today"
                        Parris Chang.  "Don't Dance to Beijing's Tune"

Week 14
4/12   Easter Break
4/14   South Korea: Rising from the Ashes
4/16   South Korea: Industry and Exports
     Readings:  Brian Bridges.  "East Asia in Transition: South Korea in the Limelight"
                        B. C. Koh.  "South Korea in 1996: Internal Strains and External Challenges"

Week 15
4/19   Singapore: Independence
4/21   Singapore: Authoritarian Capitalism
4/23   Quiz
     Readings:  Melanie Chew.  "Human Rights in Singapore: Perceptions and Problems"
                        Denny Roy.  "Singapore, China and the ‘Soft Authoritarian' Challenge"

Week 16
4/26    Japan & the Four Dragons: the Asian Financial Crisis
4/28    Domination of China: The Political and Economic Prospects for Japan & the Four Dragons
4/30    Review for Final

Week 17
5/4      Final Exam (1:00-3:00pm)