Information and Resources on Japan

Contemporary Issues
Culture and Travel

Contemporary Issues

Asahi Shimbun
     Get the latest news from Japan in English.

Far Eastern Economic Review
     One of the more informative journals on Asian politics, society and economics.

The Japan Times
     The Times provides an in-depth coverage of Japanese news.

Japan Today
     Similar to US Today, this on-line publication provides news on current issues in Japan.

South China Morning Post
     A good source of Asian news with your morning coffee.

Culture and Travel

Cities in Japan
     Basic travel information for major cities in Japan, from maps to hints on using the subway.

Currency Conversion Table
     This site converts any major currency into Japanese yen (or vice versa).  It also provides a graphic display of the rate of fluctuation of the yen against the selected currency.

Explore Japan
     Japanese Tourism has put together this very colorful and informative site, from travel tips to regional events and festivals.

Japanese Consulate, Chicago
     For information on Japanese culture, travel, economics, history and much more.

Japan Focus
     Emphasizing perspectives on contemporary politics, economics and society, this site provides translations from Japanese sources on such issues as war and terror, security strategy, environment, development, women and gender, and ethnicity.
     If you want to know where to go, how to get there, what to see, and where to shop, this is the site to visit.  Its "Japan A-Z" search function will provide answers to most of your questions.

The Lonely Planet's Japan
     A comprehensive travel site for travelers heading to Japan.

Prefectures in Japan
     Basic tourist information for every prefecture in Japan, from car rentals to Bed & Breakfasts

The Tokyo Journal
     Provides information on galleries, exhibits, night life, dining events, music, performing arts, hotels, jobs and much more -- all what's happening in Tokyo today.

What's New?
     For those interested in the latest developments in Asian studies from "down under."


The Bubble Economy
     This is a very informative site about Japanese economic growth and recession in the 1980s.

Business Culture
     Information and links to Japanese business culture, practices, protocol and business etiquette including practical tips on doing international business.

Japanese Companies
     This searchable site provides links to information on Japanese companies engaged in producing everything from Agriculture to Wood Products


A-Bomb WWW Museum
     Photos, diaries, reports of the Hiroshima bombing, and short remarks from survivors.

Ancient Japan
     A view of the major events and cultural "concepts" of ancient Japan.  Topics include music, writing, and arts of Japan; and sections on Buddhism.

Asuka Historical Museum
     The highlight of this site is the "Virtual Asuka Museum" found at the bottom of the main page.

Edo Japan
     This virtual tour of life in Edo provides links to a variety of information on this period.

Japan:  A Country Study
     Part of a series produced by the Library of Congress, this book offers a view of Japanese history in addition to sections on the political, social and economic systems of the country.  The first chapter deals with the "Historical Setting" from the early history of Japan through the Meiji Restoration and ends with the last years of the twentieth century.

Japan Foundation Library
     The Japan Foundation Library maintains a collection on Japanese studies and international exchange.  The Library has evolved from the original collection of the former Japan Cultural Society (Kokusai Bunka Shinkokai), which was incorporated into the Foundation in 1972.  The present holdings comprise some 51,000 books, of which  26,500 are in foreign languages and 24,500 are in Japanese.

Japanese History
     Click on the "overview" for a listing of the time periods of Japanese history, beginning with Jomon and ending with Heisei.  Good historical information for each period.

Journal of Japanese Studies
     This links you to the on-line version of the Journal of Japanese Studies, the most influential journal dealing with research on Japan available in the English language.  Since 1974, it has published the results of scholarly research on Japan in a wide variety of social science and humanities disciplines, as well as translations of articles from Japanese and substantive book reviews.

Kodansha Encyclopedia of Japan
     Although a commercial site, a free 30 day trial allows visitors to access this online resource containing a wealth of information on Japanese politics, government, economics, and society.  It also provides a look at the art and culture of traditional and modern Japan, and the more subtle traditions that have shaped Japanese life and thought throughout the centuries.

World War II:  Pacific Theater
     This page links to original US government source materials (including an FBI report on Tokyo Rose!) pertaining to World War II, and in particular to the Pacific War.


Australian Government
     Australia is very active in Asian Studies.  This Australian Government site focuses on Asian politics and economics.

Teaching Resources for Japan

Asian Educational Media Service
     AEMS provides a online searchable database, teacher's guides, Asian images and a free newsletter.

The Black Ships of Commodore Perry
     A very interesting site by John Dower with images, text, and even an interactive scroll, about the historic "opening" of Japan by this American fleet.

Cornell University Asian Resource Centers
     Do you need materials to supplement your teaching about Japan (or South, Southeast or East Asia)?  This site has everything you need -- from a huge video library to specific curriculum units.

Education About Asia
     This is the website for the excellent periodical, Education About Asia, sponsored by The Association for Asian Studies.

KidsWeb -- Japanese History
     A short overview of japanese history for elementary students.  A time-line of the major historical periods is provided as well as answers to popular questions about Japan's history, including information about major figures such as Tokugawa Ieyasu and Toyotomi Hideyoshi.

Internet East Asian History Sourcebook
     Internet Sourcesbooks are collections of texts in the public domain that are available for copying for educational purposes.  To access the documents for Japan, scroll down to the links to find three chapters:  Traditional Japan, Japan as a world power;  and Japan Since World War II.

The Japan Foundation Center for Global Partnership
     This organization awards grants to US and Japanese nonprofit organizations for bilateral and multilateral projects that contribute to the improvement of US-Japan relations and the world's welfare through the collaborative efforts of both countries.  It supports outreach projects that aim to improve education about Japan at the K-12 level, and also provices support for US-Japan youth exchange projects.

Japan Workbook
     This excellent book from the East Asia Curriculum Project devotes a few chapters to the history of Japan.  Eachin reading is accompanied by questions to stimulate discussion.