Dr. Rebecca Nowacek
Department of English
Klingler College of Arts and Sciences


Honors 140: The Full-Circle Seminar

Democracy: An Interdisciplinary Inquiry


Welcome to HOPR / ARSC 140—the “Full Circle Seminar.”  This course is meant to be an integrative multidisciplinary seminar, designed to help you become more knowledgeable and articulate about how your education has helped shape the way you make sense of the world.  The theme and focus of this course is (as the title suggests) democracy.  We’ll read many different disciplinary perspectives on democracy, and throughout the semester I’ll ask each one of you to serve as a local expert on the ways of knowing characteristic of people in your major / discipline / profession.  The major project of this course will be to collectively author a website about the future of democracy in Iran, exploring that complex issue from a variety of disciplinary and interdisciplinary perspectives. 


Course Overview and Schedule                                         


Major Assignments

     Intellectual autobiography

     Disciplinary snapshot

     Cross-disciplinary reflection

     Disciplinary research

     Cross-disciplinary dialogue


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