My research interests are divided into two main areas: (1) Byzantine, Neoplatonism and Medieval Philosophy and (2) social philosophy, especially questions relating to the nature of poverty and social marginalization. I'm especially interested in the interpretaions of (Pseudo) Dionysius-Areopagite in terms of the Eastern Orthodox, Roman Catholic, and Neoplatonic traditions.

I've also done work in conceptual issues about the nature of poverty and marginalization -- both economic and social. I'm interested in both philosophical and theological analyses of these problems.

Current Research: I am writing a book on poverty for a new series Cutting the Edge: Theology, Science, Philosophy (T and T Clark). I'm working on a catalogue of citations to Pseudo-Dionysius as contained in the works of Thomas Aquinas. This work will facilitate understanding how Aquinas interpreted Pseudo-Dionysius. My colleague, James South, and I, are working on a translation of Albert the Great's Commentary on the Divine Names of Pseudo-Dionysius Areopagite as well as of the Latin translation of the Divine Names made by John Sarracen. I have recently completely two articles focusing on the essence-energy distinction in Pseudo-Dionysius.