The Muslim, Christian, and Jewish Heritage


The week of February 26-March 2, 2007, will be one of events aimed at deepening and broadening understanding of “The Muslim, Christian and Jewish Heritage” with talks and other events with inter religious dialogue expert Rev. Thomas Michel, S.J., of the Curia in Rome, and a philosophical and theological conference entitled,

"The Muslim, Christian, and Jewish Heritage: Philosophical and Theological Explorations in the Abrahamic Traditions"

This conference will take place Feb. 28 - March 2, 2007, on the Marquette campus. For information on the Conference, click on the Conference Website above or here. For Conference Registration Information, click above or here.

Events with Fr. Michel will include a faculty luncheon, a “Soup with Substance” gathering with students, faculty and staff, and a major large audience address in the ballrooms of the second floor of Marquette’s Alumni Memorial Union on Wednesday February 28 at 7:30 PM:

“Contemporary Muslim Peace Movements: A Dynamic Alternative to Violence”

For more precise details about events with Fr. Michel, click on, on the page Rev.Thomas Michel, SJ, at the top of this page or click here. For the full text on which Fr. Michel’s shorter lecture will be based, clink on Text of Fr Michel's Presentation at the top of this page.

Richard C. Taylor, Philosophy Department

Irfan Omar, Theology Department

David Twetten, Philosophy Department



Funding and Sponsors:

The Helen Bader Foundation, the Departments of Philosophy, Theology and History, the Edward Simmons Religious Commitment Fund, the Diversity Fund, the Office of Mission and Identity, Manresa, Campus Ministry, the Wade Chair Fund  and the “Aquinas and the Arabs Project” at Marquette University.

"The Muslim, Christian, and Jewish Heritage”