Marquette University Faculty Participants: Owen Goldin (Ancient), Susanne Foster (Ancient, Ethics), John Jones (Medieval Social Thought, Neoplatonism), James South (Late Medieval & Renaissance), Andrew Tallon (NeoThomism, phenomenology), Richard C. Taylor (Medieval Latin & Arabic), Roland Teske, S.J., (Medieval, Augustine, Philosophy of Religion), David Twetten (Medieval, Aquinas) and others from Marquette and other regional universities.

Recent visiting participants in the seminar have included Suzanne Stern-Gillet (Bolton Institute), Alfred Ivry (New York University), Thomas Williams (University of Iowa), Eugene Garver (Saint John's University), Patricia Curd (Purdue University), Cristina D'Ancona (Università di Padova), John Sisko (College of William and Mary), Jeffrey E. Brower (Purdue University), Mary J. Sirridge (Lousiana State University), Richard Tierney (University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee), Kenneth Seeskin (Northwestern University), Ruth Glassner (Hebrew University, Mt. Scopus, Jerusalem), Steven Harvey (Bar Ilan University), Ray Weiss (University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee), Hye-Kyung Kim (University of Wisconsin at Green Bay), Lorraine Pangle (University of Texas at Austin), Josep Puig Montada (Universidad Complutense de Madrid), Roslyn Weiss (Lehigh University), Helen Lang (Villanova University), Andrew Payne, Universityof St. Joseph, Daniel Frank, Purdue University, Andreas Speer, Thomas Institut, Cologne, Carlos Fraenkel, McGill University, Sarah Pessin, University of Denver, and others.


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Aquinas and the Arabs: A Project in Medieval Philosophy:

Marquette University Philosophy Department:


           Alumni Memorial Union                 John P. Raynor, S.J., Library                   Marquette Hall

The Midwest Seminar in Ancient and Medieval Philosophy

Sponsored by the Marquette University Department of Philosophy

Marquette University

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

St Joan of Arc Chapel

2014-15 Academic Year Schedule


Profs. Sarah Pessin (University of Denver) &

Richard C. Taylor (Marquette University)

“A Conversation on Philosophical and Religious Issues in the Work of Averroes and Maimonides”


Prof. Gregory Salmieri


“Aristotle’s Conception of Universality”

3:00-5:00 pm Thursday 15 January 2015

Raynor Library 320a


Dr. Daniel Novotý, St. John’s College,

Svatý Jan p. Skalou, Czech Republic


“Suárez’s Metaphysical Disputations and their Aftermath”

3:00-4:45 pm Thursday 13 November 2014

Location: Raynor 320A


30 October 2014

“Intellectual Humility in Medieval Islam”

Prof. Jon McGinnis

University of Missouri, St Louis

When: 3:00-5:00 pm Thursday 30 October

Where: Raynor Library 330b


Seminar 29 August 2014

On the Important Roles Islamic Philosophy Played

in the Development of European Philosophy

Sponsored by the Midwest Seminar in Ancient & Medieval Philosophy

and the Aquinas and ‘the Arabs’ International Working Group, Marquette University Graduate Student Chapter

When: 8:30 am - 11:30 am, Friday 29 August 2014

Where: Raynor Library 320a

8:30-9:50 am

Ms Tracy Wietecha*

“On Method in Reading the De Ente et Essentia:

An Analysis of Joseph Owens, John Wippel and R. E. Houser”


In this paper I explore methodological approaches to Aquinas' argument for a real distinction between essence and existence in creatures in De Ente et Essentia.  Joseph Owens and John Wippel examine the text through three stages which, they conclude, result in a demonstration for the real distinction.  I contrast this approach with R.E. Houser, who argues that Aquinas' text, which proceeds dialectically, must be understood within the context of its sources, namely Avicenna's Metaphysics of the Healing and The Intentions of the Philosophers by al-Ghazali.  I will come to two adjudications: first I will offer an evaluative judgment on Owen's and Wippel's disagreement on which stage Aquinas demonstrates a real distinction; second I will offer an evaluative judgment on the nature of the treatise as a whole, ultimately arguing for the methodology of source based contextualism which studies a text within the context of the sources used to produce the text.

10:00 am - 11:30 am

Mr Nathan Blackerby*

“The Avicennian Nature of Aquinas’s ‘Aristotelian’ Hylomorphism”


Throughout his career, Thomas Aquinas follows Avicenna in distinguishing essence and form in sensible substances. Since essence is the principle that determines substances to be the kinds of things they are, and since sensible substances are hylomorphic composites, the essence of any sensible substance includes both form and matter. By contrast, the form of any sensible substance is the principle that determines its matter to be actual. On this view, sensible substances are a combination of essence and supposit in addition to hylomorphic composition. I argue that this modified conception of hylomorphism is crucial to Aquinas's view that human beings possess souls that are both subsistent and substantial forms.

*Both of these papers have been accepted for presentation at the 10-12 October 2014 meeting of the American Catholic Philosophical Association in Washington, DC, through a competitive blind evaluation procedure.


2013-14 Academic Year Schedule

For video recordings of lectures, see below.

Mario Meliadò

Albert-Ludwigs-Universitat Freiburg

Frieburg im Breisgau, Germany

“Metaphysics as Axiomatic Discipline:

Boethius’ De hebdomadibus and the Liber de causis in Late Albertism”

3:30 - 5:00 pm 11 April 2014

Location: Raynor Library 330B

Webpage with link to video recording

Andreas Lammer

Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München

“Matter and Form in Avicenna’s Physics:

On the Commonality of Internal Principles”

3:30 - 5:00 pm 21 March 2014

Location: Raynor Library 330B

Webpage with link to video recording

Prof. Marcus Plested,

Theology Dept., Marquette University

“The Eastern Aquinas: Reflections on the Reception of Thomas in the Orthodox Christian World”

1:30-3:30 pm 28 February 2014

Location: Alumni Memorial Union rm 252

Webpage with link to video recording

Prof. Emily Fletcher

Philosophy Department, University of Wisconsin Madison

“Plato on the Heterogeneity of Pleasure”

3:30 - 5:00 pm 7 March 2014

Location: Raynor Library 330B

Webpage with link to video recording

Prof. Martin Picavé, University of Toronto, Canada

“Peter Auriol and a Medieval Debate

about the Nature of Cognition”

21 November 2013

Webpage with link to video recording

2012-13 Academic Year Schedule

Prof. Andrea Robiglio, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium

"The Problem of Testimony in Late Medieval and Renaissance Philosophy"

4 pm April 9, 2013

Prof. Henrik Lagerlund, Dept. of Philosophy, University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario

"Some Conceptions of Body in the 14th Century"
Thursday, April 4, 2013. 1:30 pm

Prof. Constance Meinwald, Associate Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies at the University of Illinois Chicago

"Who are Plato's Lovers of Sights and Sounds and What Are They Thinking?: Pseudo-Philosophers and the Realm of Opinion in the Republic." 

Friday, March 22, 2013

Ms Katja Krause, Department of Philosophy, King's College London

"The Spirituality of Beatitude in Aquinas"

4 pm Tuesday 23 October, 2012

Prof. Richard Taylor, Department of Philosophy, Marquette University

"Averroes's Philosophical Account of Prophecy"

3:30-5:30 pm Wednesday Oct. 17, 2012

Prof. Eyjólfur Emilsson, University of Oslo, Norway

“Is Neoplatonism a Form of Idealism?”

Friday, September 28th 2012 - 3:30pm

2011-12 Academic Year Schedule

Spring 2012

Dr. Paula Gottlieb  

Professor of Philosophy and Affiliate Professor of Classics,

University of Wisconsin

“The Ethical Basis of Aristotelian Akrasia

3:30 - 5:30 pm, April 10, 2011

Marquette Alumni Memorial Union 227


Fall 2011

Prof. Melissa Shew,

Department of Philosophy, Marquette University

“Helikian Insights”

10:30 am Wednesday 2 November 2011

location: AMU 252

* * * * *

Dr. Jules Janssens,

De Wulf Mansion Centre for Ancient, Medieval and Renaissance Philosophy,

Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium

“Avicenna’s Insistence on the Necessity

of a Fully Metaphysical Proof for

the Existence of God”

4:00-6:00 pm Tuesday 15 November, 2011

Memorial Library Conference Center Rm C

* * * * *

Prof. David Roochnik,

Department of Philosophy, Boston University

“Reading Aristotle’s Writing”

1:00-3:00 pm, Tuesday 20 September 2011

location: Alumni Memorial Union 227

* * * * *

2010-11 Academic Year Schedule

2011 Summer Conference

click here


Dr. James Lennox

Department of History and Philosophy of Science

University of Pittsburgh

“Aristotle on Norms of Inquiry”

3:30-5:30 pm Thursday April 7, 2011

Location: Emery Clark 111


Ms Rosa E. Vargas

Department of Philosophy, Marquette University

“Thomas Aquinas and Peter of Spain on the Modes of Signification”

3:30-5:30 pm Wednesday February 16, 2011

Henke Lounge, Alumni Memorial Union


Dr. Kevin Guilfoy

Department of Philosophy

Carroll University

“The Origins of Nominalism: What Abelard learned from

Roscelin of Compiègne and from William of Champeaux”

3:30-5:30 pm Thursday January 27, 2011

Beaumier Conference Center A

Marquette University Campus


Ms. Robin Weiss

Department of Philosophy, DePaul University

“A New Understanding of Some Old Forms

of Asceticism: Self-formation in Stoicism”

3:30-5:30 pm Thursday March 3, 2011

Alumni Memorial Union

Henke Lounge

* * * * *

Recent past seminars

Dr. Owen Goldin

Department of Philosophy

Marquette University

“Conflict and Cosmopolitanism in Plato and the Stoics”

3:00-5:00 pm Thursday December 2, 2010

Wehr Physics room 154



Dr. Tobias Hoffmann

Catholic University of America

“Duns Scotus on Why Ethical Knowledge

is Untainted by Bad Habits.”

3:00-5:00 pm, Thursday October 28, 2010

Alumni Memorial Union 380

Marquette University Campus

Dr. Hoffmann will also present a public lecture entitled

“Peter Auriol on Free Decision”

3:30-5:30 pm Friday October 29, 2010

Beaumier Conference Center A

Raynor Memorial Library

Marquette University Campus


2009-2010 Academic Year Schedule

Thursday February 11, 2010

3:00 - 5:00 pm

Dr. Marije Martijn

Vrije University Amsterdam

“A Neoplatonic Revaluation of mimesis: semiosis and reversion”

Alumni Memorial Union 380

Marije Martijn, Ph.D. (2008) in Philosophy, Leiden University, is Universitair Docent at Vrije University Amsterdam. She has published on different aspects of Proclus' work and is currently working on the metaphysical foundations of his scientific aesthetics.  She is the author of a number of articles and Proclus on Nature: Philosophy of Nature and Its Methods in Proclus’ Commentary on Plato’s Timaeus (Brill: Leiden, 2009) and, with M. Leunissen and F. de Haas, edited the forthcoming volume Interpreting Aristotle’s Posterior Analytics in Late Antiquity and the Byzantine Period.  She is currently collaborating with Owen Goldin on translating Philoponus, Commentary of Aristotle’s Posterior Analytics I, vol 3 for the Ancient Commentators on Aristotle series.


October 30, 2009

Dr. Barry Kogan,

Hebrew Union College, Cincinnati

“Theophany and Philosophy:

Judah  Halevi’s Account of the Origins

of the Religion of Israel in the Kitab al-Khazari”

2:00 - 4:00 pm

Raynor Library Beaumier Conference Center Room A


September 10, 2009

4:00 - 6:00 pm

Raynor Library Beaumier Conference Center Room A

“Porphyry on the Cognitive Process”

Dr. Michael Chase

Centre National de Recherches Scientifiques, Paris


2008-9 Academic Year Schedule

Spring 2009

Upcoming Seminars

“Is Good Tragedy Possible? The Argument of Gorgias 502b-503b”

Dr. Franco Trivigno, Marquette University

2:00-3:30 pm Friday, March 20, 2009

Location: Raynor Library, Conference Center, Room A


Recent Seminars

“Plato on Physis: A Critique and Defense”

Dr. Julie Ward, Loyola University of Chicago

2:00-3:30 pm February 12, 2009

Location: Alumni Memorial Union, Room 254

“Aristotle’s Second Sailing”


The topic of this paper is the relationship of aitia and logos in

Aristotle’s Physics with recourse to some passages in Plato’s Phaedo.

Dr. Melissa Shew, Marquette University

2-3:30 pm  January 15, 2009

Location: Raynor Memorial Library,

Beaumier Conference Center, Study Room D

Fall 2008 Aquinas and the Arabs Research Seminar Conference:

Marquette University, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

October 11-12, 2008

Organized by

the Marquette Midwest Seminar in Ancient and Medieval Philosophy and

the Aquinas and the Arabs Project


with financial support from

the Klinger College of Arts and Sciences at Marquette

and the Departments of Theology and Philosophy

Aquinas and the Arabs:

A Research Seminar Conference on the Role of Arabic Philosophy in the Thought of Thomas Aquinas in his Commentary on the Sentences.

Location: Marquette University Raynor Memorial Library

Beaumier Conference Center

For further information see


Dr. Adriano Oliva, O.P.

President, Commissio Leonina

Paris, France

“Philosophy in the Teaching of Theology

by Thomas Aquinas”

Monday October 13, 2008, 4:00 pm

Beaumier Conference Center,

Raynor Memorial Library

Reception to follow

Sponsored by the Departments of Theology and Philosophy

in the Klingler College of Arts and Sciences, Marquette University,

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA