Please track your RA hours and inform me how much time each of the assignments I give you takes to complete. Email me when you complete each assignment.

Assignments for 2-11 January 2015:

  1. 1.Please correct the text of the Latin Liber de causis which I put in our shared folder in Dropbox for you in a WORD file against the PDF pages which I also put in the Dropbox for you.  So please check each and every word to be sure what is in the WORD file is exactly what is in the PDF pages. Be sure to use the WORD Track Changes system so I can see the original as well as your correction. Note that I have indicated the relevant text of the PDF with red lines for you. Since I need the WORD file to be perfect, I ask you to double check it all after you have done the first version. Save the final corrected WORD file to the Dropbox shared fold adding ‘Complete Burgess’ to the name.

  2. 2.I have placed in the shared Dropbox for you a copy of the manuscript of THE ROUTLEDGE COMPANION TO ISLAMIC PHILOSOPHY. I need you to work with me to make an index of key terms and an index of names, so please: (2.1) make a complete list of all names indicated in the manuscript, and (2.2) go through the entire manuscript and highlight in yellow every term that you, on the basis of your study of philosophy thus far, think should be present in a good index of terms. Do not make this latter list since I want to review your highlighted terms and add or subtract before asking you to make the list of terms.

  3. 3.More forthcoming.

RA MU Spring 2015: Peter Burgess