Conference Schedule


Conference Schedule 17 - 21 June 2012

(tentative, under construction)

17 June 2012


17.30 Arrival of Participants (location: King’s College London, directions forthcoming)

18.00 Welcome Reception of Speakers and Participants

18.30 Introduction, Katja Krause, M.A., KCL & KAS (conference organizer)

19:00 Mr. Jason van Boom, Nicolas of Cusa Institute, San Francisco: “Human Reason and Divine Light: Analogous Developments in the Intellectual Histories of Islam and Christianity”

19.30 Reception

20:00 Dinner (location: TBA)

18 June 2012

Historical and Theological Foundations

8.00 Breakfast (location: Heythrop College, speakers and scholarship holders only)

9.00 EXCURSION 1:  “Jewish Tradition in London through the Centuries”, guided tour through London Central Synagogue, 36-40 Hallam Street, London W1W 6NW (entrance through the large wooden double doors). Dress code: no short sleeves, no short pants, etc.

12.00 Lunch at the VAM coffee shop (speakers and scholarship holders only)

14.00 Dr. Jonathan Gorsky, Heythrop College London: Rereading Tradition: Reason, Revelation and Maimonidean Judaism”

15.00 Break

15.30 Dr. Martin Ganeri, O.P., Heythrop College London: “Changing Water into Wine: theology's use of philosophy in the work of Thomas Aquinas”

16.30 Break

16.45 Prof. Ahmad Achtar, Heythrop College London: “Reconciling shari‘a  and Sophia:

The hermeneutics of Averroes (Ibn Rushd) in context”

18.00 Break

19.00 Dinner at My Old Dutch, Dutch Pancake House, Kensington (speakers and scholarship holders only)

19 June 2012

Philosophical Foundations

8.00 Breakfast (location: Heythrop College, speakers and scholarship holders only)

9.00 Dr. Peter Adamson, KCL: “Christian-Muslim Relations and the Beginnings of Arabic Philosophy”

10.00 Break

10.15 Dr Ayman Shihadeh, SOAS, University of London: “Philosophy and Apologetics:

The Transformation of Islamic Theological Rationalism”

11.15 Break

11.30 Dr. Luis Lopez-Farjeat, Universidad Panamericana, Mexico City: “Reason and Faith: Christian, Muslim, and Jewish Approaches in Medieval Philosophers”

12.30 Lunch  (location: TBA) (Speakers and scholarship holders only)

14.30 Prof. Dr. Richard C. Taylor, Marquette University, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, & member DeWulf-Mansion Centre, Institute of Philosophy, K. U. Leuven, Belgium: “Islamic Philosophy at the Heart of European Christian Theology”

15.45 Break

16.45 What is the relevance of the history of ideas for today? Student discussions in five (5) small groups (together with one speaker per group)

17.45 Break

20.00 Dinner at the Knights Templar Pub (tentative)

20 June 2012

Contemporary Perspectives

8.00 Breakfast (location: Heythrop College, speakers and scholarship holders only)

9.00 Prof. Dr. Msrg. Peter Schallenberg, Paderborn: “The Relevance of Religion and Science for Contemporary Christian Ethics”

Panel Discussion

10.00 Break

10.15 10:15 Alister McGrath, MA, DPhil, DD, FRSA, Theology, Ministry, and Education, King’s College London: “The Complex Interaction of Science and Religion Today: Some Christian Perspectives”

11.15 Break

11.30 Rev. Dr. Rodney Holder FIMA FRAS, The Faraday Institute for Science and Religion, Cambridge: "A Christian Perspective on Modern Cosmology"

12.30 Lunch (location: TBA, speakers and scholarship holders only)


15.30 Break


16.45 Break

17.00 Panel Discussion with most conference speakers, broadcast arrangements with the BBC (90 minutes) are underway

19.00 Dinner at Sofra, Covent Gardens (tentative)

21 June

EXCURSION 2: Visits to Religious Centres in London

8.00 Breakfast (location: tba, speakers and scholarship holders only)



13.00 Evaluation of Seminar (location: TBA) optional lunch (speakers and scholarship holders only), and departure KAS scholarship holders