Keynote Addresses

“How Radical Must Interpretation Be? Gadamer’s Case Against Davidson,” Keynote Address Marquette University Graduate Philosophy Conference, March 28, 2015. 

“Attestation as a New Version of Parrhesia: How Ricoeur Re-interprets Foucault,” Plenary Speaker, III Congreso iberoamericano sobre el pensamiento de Paul Ricoeur: Reconocimiento, Justicia y vida buena, Santiago de Chile, March 22, 2013.

“Love as an Epistemic Attitude. Contribution to Virtue Epistemology,” invited Keynote address, Graduate Students Conference, University of Gonzaga, April 2008.

“The Intricacies of Epistemology and Anthropology in Husserl’s Notion of Intersubjectivity,” invited public lecture, The Laghi Chair Lectures Series, Pontifical College Josephinum, Columbus, Ohio, March 2002.