Chapter 17 Outline:Absolutism and State Growth in Eastern Europe
Western Civ

        Absolutism in Eastern Europe
            Black Death & Feudal Decline in West
            Black Death & Feudal Growth in East
                 Power of Nobility
                      30 Yrs. War; T. of Westphalia (1648)
                 Agricultural Economy
                 Decline of Towns

        Austrian Habsburgs
              Ferdinand II (1619-1637)
                 Defeated Bohemian Estates
                     Battle of White Mountain (1620)
             Ferdinand III (1637-1657)
             Leopold I (1658-1705)
                  Hungary & Ottoman Turks
                       Vienna siege (1683)
                       Treaty of Karlowitz (1699)
                  Army; Weak Control in Hungary; Habsburg Absolutism after 1700

        Prussian Hohenzollerns
             Frederick William (1640-1688)
                  30 Yrs. War; Noble Power Declined
                  Junkers Nobility & Landowners
                  Taxation & Army
             Frederick William I (1713-1740)
                      "Sparta of Europe" (Prussian Spirit)
                      Strong Bureaucracy; No Estates; Junkers in Military

             Genghis Khan (1162-1227)
             Ivan I (1328-1341)
             Ivan III (1462-1505) Tsar of Russia
                  Extended Influence to Baltic
             Ivan IV ("The Terrible") (1533-1584)
                  Destroyed Power of Boyars
                  Restricted Peasant Mobility
                  Monopolized Trade & Commerce
                  Cossack rebellions (1584-1613)
                 Peter the Great (1682-1725)
                 Growth of Military and Bureaucracy
                 Peasants: Slavery; Lifetime Military Conscription & Heavy Taxation