Chapter 21 Outline: The American and French Revolutions
Western Civ

American Revolution

Enlightenment Influences
     Liberty and Equality (Locke)
          Revolution vs. Independence
          J. Adams: Rev. in Minds & Hearts of People

Prelude to War
   French & Indian War & Intolerable Acts
          Acts of 1763 (Standing Army; Indian West)
          Sugar (1764); Quartering & Stamp (1765); Townshend (67);
          Tea (73); Coercive (74)
     Boston Massacre (March 5, 1770)
     Boston Tea Party (December 16, 1773)
     First Continental Congress (Fall 1774)
          Patrick Henry "Liberty or Death"
     Second Continental Congress (Summer 1775)
          Declaration of War (Washington)
     Declaration of Independence (7/4/76)

Revolutionary War
     Lexington & Concord (April 19, 1775)
          Paul Revere
          Patriots vs. Tories, Redcoats & Hessians

     France, Spain & Holland (1778, 79, 80)
          Aid and Independence; Clinton
     Yorktown (October 19, 1781)
          Treaty of Paris (1783)

New Nation
     Constitution (1787-1789)
          Preamble (Enlightenment)
          Bill of Rights
          Separation of Powers (Montesquieu)

French Revolution (1789-1791)

Prelude to Revolution
     Debt: Absolutism vs. Parlement
          Estates General (May 1789)
               Clergy, Nobility, Commoners
               Class Antagonism
     3rd Estate & National Assembly (6/17/89)
          "Oath of the Tennis Court " (6/20)
Revolutionary Spark
     Economic Depression
          "Let them eat cake"
     Storming the Bastille (7/14)
          National Guard & Lafayette
     "Great Fear" & Noble Concessions
          Declaration of the Rights of Man (8/27)
     Women's March on Versailles (9/5)
          Louis, Marie & Nobility March to Paris
     Church Dismantled
     Nobility Abolished
     Constitution Accepted (July 1790)

Prelude to Second Revolution
     Edward Burke vs. Mary Wollstonecraft
          Divine Right vs. Rights of Man (Women)
          Declaration of Pillnitz (June 1791)
     Legislative Assembly (October 1791)
          Jacobins, Liberty & War (April 1792)
     Tuileries Attacked;  King Loses to Assembly
          Arrest of Louis XVI (8/10/92)

Second Revolution (September 1792)
     "September Massacres"
     Republic of France (9/21/92)
     National Convention
          Girondists vs. Mountain (Robespierre)
     Louis Executed (January 1793)
     War: Britain, Holland, Spain (2/93)
          Sans-culottes & Revolution (1793)
     Committee of Public Safety (Robespierre)
          Central Planning of Economy
     Reign of Terror (1793-94)
          Nationalism & War
     Robespierre Executed (7/28/94)
          Thermidorian Reaction (1794-1799)
               Pre-Revolution revival
     Directory (Weak Dictatorship)

Napoleonic Era (1799-1814)
     Coup d'état (11/9/99) & First Consul
     Concordat of 1801 & Peace with Church
     Civil Code (1804) & Class Peace
     Political Repression
     Emperor (December 1804)

Napoleon's Empire
     European Coalitions (4)
           Austrian Defeat (97, 01,05) & Expansion
     Emperor of France (1804)
     Battle of Trafalgar (10/21/05)
          Lord Nelson Protects England
     Holy Roman Empire Abolished (1806)

Empire Components
     Expanded French Territories
          Dependent Kingdoms
          Allied States
          Russian Ambitions & Defeat (1812-14)
               600,000 troops Reduced to 30,000
     Exile to Elba
          Louis XVIII Overthrown (2/15)
     Waterloo (6/18/15)