Western Civilization I Syllabus

Hist 001: Growth of Western Civilization I
Dr. Daniel Meissner
Coughlin Hall 324  (229-3552)

Course Goals:
To develop a general understanding of European and American history, society and culture from antiquity to 1700.  To familiarize students with historical resources and web page construction.  To acquire basic knowledge of major political systems, artistic themes, economic trends, and philosophical developments in western civilization.  To acquire specific knowledge of significant people, places and events in modern western history.  And to integrate this information in rational discussion and analysis of modern state building in Europe and America.

McKay, Hill and Buckler, A History of Western Society
Wiesner, Ruff and Wheeler, Discovering the Western Past

There will be two examinations in this course: a midterm and a final, and weekly quizzes.  Quizzes will be short answer.  Examinations will consist of short identifications and essay questions related to the readings, lectures and discussions.  Make-up exams will only be given in special circumstances and as pre-arranged with the instructor.

Several short (one-page) writing assignments pertaining to class readings and discussions will be required.  In addition, students will create a web page on a selected topic related to modern European or American history.

In order to adequately prepare for lectures and discussions, the assigned readings for each week should be completed prior to class.  The amount of reading required for this course is substantial.  Be careful not to fall behind.

Regular attendance is required, and active participation in class discussion and projects is expected.

Class participation
Class assignments & web page
Weekly quizzes
Midterm exam
Final exam

Students are expected to stay current in their readings, complete projects on time, participate in discussions, and abide by Marquette University academic rules and regulations.

Individual Situations:
Students who need special accommodations in order to meet the requirements of this course should inform the instructor at the beginning of the semester.