Books in English:
1. Hands-on Meteorology
2. Structure of the Atmospheric Boundary Layer
Book Chapters:
1. "Air Pollution Meteorology" in Air Quality Modeling, vol I.
2. "Large Eddy-Simulations of the Atmospheric Boundary Layer"
in Air Quality Modeling, vol II.
Books in other languages:
1. Podstawy Numerycznych Prognoz Pogody (Polish)
2. Struktura Granicznej Warstwy Atmosfery (Polish)
3. Meteorologia dla Kazdego (Polish)
4. Hands-on Meteorology (Japanese)
5. Pogoda dla Koneserów (Polish)

"Hands-on Meteorology":

The 1998 "J. L. Battan Author's Award" of the American Meteorological Society
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"Structure of the Atmospheric Boundary Layer":

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Draft: Contents, Preface, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, Appendix
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"Essentials of the Numerical Weather Prediction":
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"Turbulence and Diffusion
in the Lower Atmosphere" (1983):
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"Hands-on Meteorology" (2001) in Polish:
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"Hands-on Meteorology" (2001) in Japanese:
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"Pogoda dla Koneserow":
("Weather for Connoisseurs")






Part 1 (Physical)

1. Colors of Weather
Colors of the sky, Mirages, Rainbows, Halos, Sun Pillars and Crosses, Green Flashes, Glories, Crowns, Auroras

2. Weather Phenomena
Clouds, Precipitation, Thunderstorms, Lightnings and Thunderbolds, St.Elmo's Fires, Ball Lightnings, Blue Elves and Red Sprites, Tornados, Water Spouts, Local Winds, Global Weather

3. Weather and Climate
Primitive Atmosphere, Past Climates, Global Warming, Green-House Effect, Ozone Hole, Effects of Oceans, Human Adaptation to Weather, Human Reactions to Weather, Weather Proverbs

4. Brief History of Atmospheric Sciences
Beginnings, First thermometers, Barometers, Weather Measurements, Discovery of Atmospheric Gases, General Circulation, Atmospheric Electricity, Ballon Exploration of the Atmosphere, First Weather Networks, Condensation Nuclei, Coriolis Effect, Tornados, Weather Modification, Lorenz's Butterfly, Weather Radars and Satellites

Part 2 (Metaphysical)

5. Weather in Ancient Myths
Deluge, Seven years Cycles, Rains of Fire and Sulphur, Escape form Egypt, Manna, St.Elmo's Fire, Greek Myths, North European Sagas, Other Myths

6. Weather in History
Rain Miracle, Truce of Bretigny, Columbus, Fall of the Incas, Spanish Armada, Yellow Waters, American Revolution, Fall of Bastille, Fall of Jacobins, Josephine, Napoleonic Wars, Samoa, Finnish War, Dunkirke, Russian Front, Attempt, 3rd US Fleet, Bombardment of Ploesti, D-Day, Battle of the Bulge, Jet Stream over Tokyo.

7. Fatal Weather
Hurricane, Flight, Tornado, Fog, Jet-stream, Downburst, Thunderstorm, Turbulence, Storm, Ball lightning, St.Elmo's Fire

8. Weather Inspirations
Weather Painters, Weather Music, Tempest, Storm, Clouds, Terrible Summer,
Flying Dutchman, Green flash, London Weather, Three Man in the Boat, Tyfoon


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Copyrights by Zbigniew Sorbjan






Book Chapters
(1) Chapter 4: "Air Pollution Meteorology" in Air Quality Modeling, vol I., 2003,
(2) Chapter 5B: "Large Eddy-Simulations of the Atmospheric Boundary Layer" in Air Quality Modeling, vol II., 2005

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