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                                    Spring 2001

                        Monday                                                              Wednesday

Jan 15

Martin Luther King day


Jan 17   Response of the human eye.  Digital cameras, resolution and quantization.  Image processing software.

Jan 22 Fourier transforms.



Jan 24 Properties of Fourier Transforms.  Convolution.


Jan 29 Image Enhancement by Point Operations. Histograms.



Jan 31 More Point Operations.  Image Arithmetic.


Feb 5 Spatial Filters.



Feb 7 Filtering in Frequency Space


Feb 12 Image Restoration and Non-Linear Spatial Filters.



Feb 14 Frequency Filters


Feb 19 Homomorphic filters and Spatial Masks.



Feb 21 Color Models


Feb 26 Color Palettes.


Feb 28 Color Processing.


Mar 5

Midsemester Break


Mar 6

Midsemester Break


Mar 12 Image Geometry.



Mar 14



Mar 19



Mar 21



Mar 26



Mar 28


Apr 2 Thresholding Techniques: Optimal thresholding and the Adaptive thresholding method of Otsu.


Apr 4 Methods for Edge, Point, and Line Detection.


Apr 9



Apr 11

Apr 16

Easter Monday


Apr 18 Thresholding in Color Space


Apr 23 Image Compression.  Huffman coding.  Run length encoding methods.



Apr 25 Run Length Encoding.


Apr 30 Lossy Compression. JPEG.



May 2 File Formats: pcx, gif, tif, png, jpg, png, bmp, etc.














































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